Top US Pollster Warns Voters About GOP’s Real Intentions For 2022

Top US Pollster Warns Voters About GOP’s Real Intentions For 2022

One of the best pollsters out there is Richard Baris.


He runs “The People’s Pundit” site, and he’s fantastic.

He actually has one of the best “track records” as far as pollsters go. He’s right up there with Trafalgar in terms of accuracy.

Baris always has great insight and he’ll give it to you straight, without all the fluffy sugar-coating and “creative math” that so many pollsters use nowadays.

As we get closer to the 2022 primary, Richard is reminding all us conservative voters about the GOP’s dirty little “primary secret.”

Now, for most of us, this really isn’t a “secret,” we all know what the GOP establishment is up to by this point, but it’s a good reminder.

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Here’s what Richard said:

Here’s a dirty little secret being kept from Republican voters: The Republican Establishment would rather lose to Democrats than see Trump supporters elected to Congress.

To mass reply: put this in its proper context. It’s not discussed often but Democrats don’t suffer from Messiah Syndrome in primaries like Republicans do. Republicans often put themselves before their cause. Maybe individuality is at play, sure. But it’s self-defeating.

Some might say, “this is obvious, why bring it up?”


Well, because when we take back the House and likely the Senate as well, we’re going to have a choice to make in terms of leadership, and if we keep choosing the same people, who are part of the “dirty little secret” crowd, we’ll never move our America First agenda forward.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“We all know this, but now, what are we going to do about it?”

“If we don’t get rid of these RINOs we’ll never win against the left. We need to stop talking and start doing” 

“The Lincoln Project is the living embodiment of what Baris is sayig” 

“It’s way easier to say “repeal Obamacare” than to actually do it. GOP would rather fundraise with fear than govern”

“GOP makes more money when they’re the opposition. This is why they love being the underdog” 

“That’s been true back as far as the tea party days when they would tank Richard Murdoch or Todd Aiken rather than see them win

“Not a secret. That’s why I’m registered GOP but hate my party.”

“GOP elite is willingly rolling over so #Democrats can enact redistricting and voting laws in their favor”

“Because if the party shifts they become obsolete and lose their grip on the party power.”

“Here is a dirty little secret. There are no establishment democrats or republicans, only the Uniparty. Trump supporters aren’t part of the Uniparty.”

So, while, yes, we all know this, and it’s not a “secret,” we actually need to fix it now.


We have to make sure that Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are no longer in leadership positions within the party… and furthermore, if we want America First candidates to win, we also need to get rid of Ronna McDaniel, who works daily to sabotage MAGA candidates and keep the establishment gravy train flowing.

We can drain this part of the swamp, but we need to be focused and diligent, and no longer “settle” for these half-baked wins.

It’s not a “win” just because someone has an R after their name. Sometimes, that can actually be our biggest loss — we just don’t know it yet.

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