Actor Randy Quaid Has a Viral Message For Elon Musk, And You’re Gonna LOVE IT

Actor Randy Quaid Has a Viral Message For Elon Musk, And You’re Gonna LOVE IT

Now that Elon Musk has become the largest Twitter shareholder and is on the board of directors, there’s a renewed call to get President Trump reinstated on the platform.


It’s not only absurd that he was removed, but it was actually a digital political coup to remove him and was done to help the communist Biden regime.

The last thing Team Biden wanted was a more popular, more influential political figure online, blasting him day in and day out for all his failures.

Removing President Trump from social media was the biggest cornerstone of their plot to take over the 2o20 election and the country.

MORE NEWS: It’s Happening….Elon Musk Just Put Twitter On MAJOR Notice

January 6th is nothing but a political weapon being used to silence President Trump and his movement… and it’s not working, but we need more.

We need him back on Twitter.

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#BringBackTrump is now trending on Twitter, along with #MakeTwitterGreatAgain.

And Randy Quaid is also jumping into the action. He wants Trump back in the White House, and also back on Twitter, and he wasted no time reaching out to Elon Musk directly.

Here’s what Randy said to Elon in a viral tweet: “Not only do we need Trump back in the White House we need him back on Twitter giving us hourly updates! Also good for Twitter stock price! And free speech! @elonmusk”


Ya gotta love Randy, using his platform and fame to speak out for the MAGA movement. That’s much appreciated.

My guess is that President Trump will be back on Twitter.


I think Elon Musk will probably help bring Trump back to Twitter because if he didn’t, he just threw away his 3 billion bucks.

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