[VIDEO] Rudy Reveals Most Important Text Message From Hunter’s Laptop And How Bill Barr Hid It

[VIDEO] Rudy Reveals Most Important Text Message From Hunter’s Laptop And How Bill Barr Hid It

A few weeks back, Bill Barr hit up all the cable news shows to peddle his cruddy book.


While he was speaking to Fox News, the topic of Hunter’s laptop came up, and Bill admitted Biden knew all along the laptop was real, and then he said how “disturbed” he was that Joe Biden lied to the American people.

What a crock.

Bill was so “disturbed” that he said absolutely NOTHING about it?

He didn’t warn us or publicly call on Joe to speak the truth to the American people?

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He said and did nothing to back up President Trump or save the country from a compromised liar?

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And now, we’re hearing from Rudy Giuliani, that not only did Bill Barr do nothing in the face of massive deceit and lies against the American people, but as it turns out Bill was actually working to protect Joe Biden.

That’s right, Rudy reveals Barr covered up and held back the laptop, along with the crooked FBI.

Here’s what Rudy said: RUDY: “FBI first had access to this information to two and a half years. They deliberately covered it up for a year and a half. And so did phony [Bill] Barr who is making a pathetic, uh, fool out of himself now. He held back that hard drive…”

Rudy also says there was one text on that laptop that summed up the decades of Biden-family corruption, and Bill Barr hid it.



Nobody worked harder to ensure they removed President Trump from The White House than Bill Barr did.

Barr also sabotaged any efforts to investigate the sham 2020 election by wrongly claiming there was not enough fraud to change the outcome right after the election.

How on earth would he know that, when there were no in-depth investigations into the election?

What a traitor. 


The only thing I can’t decide is if Barr was always a Deep State monster, or if he really wanted to help President Trump, and then they got to him along the way.

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