[VIDEO] Look What Happens When a Reporter Asks Senate Dems How Much Gas Costs in Their State

[VIDEO] Look What Happens When a Reporter Asks Senate Dems How Much Gas Costs in Their State

I really like clips like this, because I love it when these scumbag politicians feel uncomfortable and are put on the spot.


If you ask me, there should be a microphone in every politician’s face 85% of the time.

Reporters should ask them uncomfortable questions all the time and we should get to sit and watch them squirm, or look down in shame.

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You do this enough, and make the job a lot harder and demand more accountability, and the cream will rise to the top a heck of a lot faster.

And speaking of confronting scumbags, that’s exactly what happens in this clip.


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A reporter goes to Capitol Hill and asks Democrats who are walking into work, how much gas costs in their home state.

And as you can imagine, not one of these elite jerks answered the question.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what folks had to say about this:

“This is telling”

“That’s right. Hang your heads in shame you worthless pieces of crap. While this country continues to turn to shit. Be safe knowing that you played a part of that.”

This shows you how much @TheDemocrats care about YOU”

“Priceless ! The old silence is golden when caught in a mess your party caused !!”

“They work for you, paid for by you yet they ignore you. Time to bin the lot of them. Wasteful idiots.”

“Enemy of the people”

looks like @SenMarkKelly doesn’t know what the gas prices in AZ are. Could it be because he doesn’t live here??”

“They are supposed to be working for us … Let’s fire them”

These are the ppl elected to HELP AMERICAN CITIZENS. #VoteThemAllOut

“These people have their head so far up their asses you, that they won’t speak to anybody beneath them, they think we are all peasants.”

Our government has gotten too big, too powerful, and too corrupt.

And one president won’t fix this mess…. they can’t, it’s too big.


The only people who can fix it are us… get involved in your local politics.

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