[VIDEO] “Charlamagne tha God” Proves Mayor Pete is An Out-of-Touch Liberal Elitist in Just 9-Seconds FLAT

[VIDEO] “Charlamagne tha God” Proves Mayor Pete is An Out-of-Touch Liberal Elitist in Just 9-Seconds FLAT

We all know the Dem Party consists of a bunch of snooty out-of-touch elitists.


This is the political party that thinks working-class Americans who can’t afford $5 bucks a gallon for gas, can just run out and buy a 55K electric car.

They don’t care about the middle-class, because they don’t understand the middle class.

And nowhere was that more clear than when snooty Mayor Pete appeared on Charlamagne tha God’s very popular radio show.

It only took 9-seconds for Charlamagne tha God to prove that Mayor Pete is a total out-of-touch liberal elitist.

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During the interview, Charlamagne tha God tells Mayor Pete that most black people feel like Dems haven’t kept their promises to them.

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What’s Mayor Pete’s response?

A confused, high-pitched “reallllyyyyy?” and a tilt of his big, dopey head.

Absolutely tone-deaf and insulting.


You can watch the video below:

Can you imagine Dems running THIS clown for president?

That’s been the scuttlebutt, that Obama likes Mayor Pete, the most unserious, smug goober, for the 2024 candidate.

This guy would be lucky to get 2% of the black and Hispanic vote.

But it’s not just minorities who are turned off by Pete. The Atlantic reported young progressives can’t stand him either.

Young progressives on the internet don’t seem to like Pete Buttigieg very much. They’ve called him “the most obnoxious type of Millennial” and “a Boomer wrapped up in a Millennial’s clothing”; a “Build-a-Bear for middling Democrats” and “a candidate seemingly dreamed up by some Democratic National Committee algorithm”; a “baggie full of uncut special interest talking points” and a “grab bag of gifted-and-talented party tricks.” Buttigieg is a young person’s idea of an old person—and, evidently, some sort of bag.

The online left is not the electorate, and its views don’t represent a generation of voters. But youthful distaste for Buttigieg isn’t an internet illusion. In a recent Quinnipiac poll, Buttigieg placed second in the Democratic field among voters over 50. But he earned just 2 percent support among voters under 35. His popularity among those aged 35–49 is about as high as his overall numbers. Buttigieg hate is tightly concentrated among the young.


Mayor Pete would be eaten alive… I can’t wait to see this unfold!

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