[VIDEO] Tucker Shares His “Evidence” That Handler’s Are About Ready to Dump Joe Biden

[VIDEO] Tucker Shares His “Evidence” That Handler’s Are About Ready to Dump Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson has no doubts about Joe Biden being on the chopping block.


He’s 100 percent convinced the Handlers are in the process of ousting Joe Biden.

Tucker points to a couple of major clues that give it away… The first one is the media. They’re no longer carrying water for Joe.

They’ve given up on pretending inflation and high gas prices are Putin’s fault and openly report that Americans aren’t buying it either.

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This is a huge shift and very damning to Joe.. and it started after the disastrous Europe trip.

If you ask me, I think that mess was the straw that broke many commie’s backs.

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For a while there, media and clueless Dem consultants thought Joe could lift himself out of the bad polls by becoming a heroic “wartime president,” but that didn’t happen, we’re done with the pointless “forever wars” on other people’s soil. They can work out their own regional conflicts. We don’t need to be involved in securing other countries’ borders when ours are wide open.

And the real reason for Biden’s low poll numbers is the fact that he looks and sounds like a nursing home patient.

Also, let’s not forget about the Hunter Biden stuff… ask any “insider” and they’ll tell you that’s an inside hit from the Dem Party.

Tucker also says what we all witnessed at the White House when Obama publicly disrespected Joe Biden by completely ignoring him, even while he was grabbing at him, and shouting his name, says everything you need to know about how the entire Dem Party feels about Joe Biden and where he’s heading…



Tucker lays it all out in these two must-watch videos:

And here is the second part:

So, between the media’s sharp U-turn and the signals “Rockstar Obama” was sending at the White House, it’s clear Joe’s time is up.

But as Tucker said, who will they replace him with?

Kamala is even more unpopular in some respects.

I still think it’ll be Kamala. I think Obama likes her and thinks she’s “fixable.”


And during Obama’s visit to the White House, Kamala was at his side, I think that says a lot about what they’re going to do.

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