[VIDEO] Tucker Says Elon’s Twitter Purchase is Biggest Political News Since Trump Won in 2016

[VIDEO] Tucker Says Elon’s Twitter Purchase is Biggest Political News Since Trump Won in 2016

Tonight the tyrants are grieving.


They’ve lost a huge battle in the culture war… and what’s most scary for them to come to terms with is that they lost the battle to someone who isn’t a political ideologue.

They didn’t lose to the right, even though it’s the right who benefits from their loss.

Elon Musk is not “MAGA,” and he’s not a “conservative.” We don’t even know what his politics are, and isn’t that refreshing? But he’s a normal person who sees the left’s censorship as dangerous, and thankfully, he had the means and the power to do something about it.

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And the left has to realize that once again they pushed things way too far and freaked out many people, and now non-political free-thinkers are aligning against them.

That’s a scary place to be, and they’re likely nervous and they’re grieving, but they’re also planning their next move… and they’re going to need a big plan…

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Because like Tucker says, Elon’s purchase of Twitter is right up there with Donald J. Trump winning the White House… It’s a really, really BIG deal and a huge game-changer.



Elon Musk wants to bring free speech back to Twitter. And that doesn’t mean everyone can say all these filthy words. There will still be Terms of Service to abide by… But it means that we’ll once again be allowed to discuss and debate all the forbidden topics, like gender, the 2020 election, COVID, vaccines, genders, war, Hunter Biden, and so much more.

But with that comes a price.

The left is grieving tonight. And they’ll likely lick their wounds for a couple of days, and then they’ll come roaring back… they’ll turn on that big, evil machine of theirs and do everything they can to crush and destroy Elon Musk.


I hope he knows what kind of snake pits he’s wandered into and I hope he’s ready to fight like never before.

Buying Twitter was the easy part… making changes and bringing free speech back will be the hard part.

God knows the worst is yet to come, but thankfully he’ll have an army (us) standing behind him.

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