Breaking: Elon Musk Just Sweetened The Deal To Buy Twitter With A TON More Money

Breaking: Elon Musk Just Sweetened The Deal To Buy Twitter With A TON More Money

In case anyone was wondering, Elon Musk is very serious about purchasing Twitter.


So much so, that he just sweetened the deal by A LOT.

Over 3 BILLION, to be exact.

Musk is now offering $46.5 billion, which is a $3.5 billion increase over his previous offer.

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In a securities filing, Mr. Musk also said that given the lack of response from Twitter’s board, he is now exploring a “tender offer” to acquire shares of Twitter directly from shareholders.they

So, he’s bypassing the communist board and appealing directly to the shareholders.

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Basically, he’s making them a deal they simply can’t refuse.



While I love what Elon is trying to do, and I hope he’s successful, I can’t help but think that no matter what the scenario is, Dems will never allow this to happen.

They will do whatever they have to, legal or not, to block Elon from owning Twitter.

Twitter is one of the left’s biggest and best propaganda weapons, and I can’t see them just rolling over and letting it go.


I think they’ll circle the wagons and do everything within their power and beyond to hold on to this very big slice of social media control.

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