Drastic Security Measures Just Enacted To Keep Public Safe From Vengeful “Woke” Twitter Employees

Drastic Security Measures Just Enacted To Keep Public Safe From Vengeful “Woke” Twitter Employees

As you likely know by now, Elon Musk has bought Twitter.


The deal is supposed to be completed today or tomorrow.

But it’s a “done deal,” and as a result, Elon is taking extra precautions to make sure that vengeful Twitter employees don’t go crazy and try to sabotage the company or destroy accounts they don’t agree with politically like they’ve been doing for years.

According to Disclose TV, a popular Twitter account that shares news and information, the Twitter source code has now been locked.

“JUST IN – Twitter’s source code is locked down to make it harder for employees to make unauthorized changes to the platform, Bloomberg reports.”


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I could just see it now, a rogue WOKE employee, going all kamikaze and deleting every conservative account on the site.

Disclose also reported that at some point Twitter employees added an “algorithm repository” just before the code was locked.

“Twitter employees apparently added a public repository called “the-algorithm” on the platform’s Github account shortly before the source code was locked. Musk said he wanted to make the Twitter algorithm open source.”

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Disclose goes on to explain that it seems some developers at Twitter wanted to send a “message” to Elon Musk by uploading this empty software repository.

Elon Musk says he has plans to make Twitter an “open algorithm,” which will completely change the game.

Most of us on the “right side” of things have been suppressed significantly and choked out of the conversation because of these manipulated algorithms.


Having an open algorithm will feel like the most epic form of online freedom.

Thank you, Elon!

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