Vice President’s “Valued Advisor, Confidant And Office Leader” Jumps Ship Over Dysfunctional Office

Vice President’s “Valued Advisor, Confidant And Office Leader” Jumps Ship Over Dysfunctional Office

Tina Flournoy, the chief of staff to Vice President Kamala Harris, has resigned from the Biden administration, making her the 12th and most senior employee to leave since June of 2013.

Michael Fuchs, Harris’s deputy chief of staff, announced his departure from the administration just a few weeks earlier.

Flournoy wrote in an email to workers obtained by Politico that “it is possible that this news will be in print today—which means that I will not have the opportunity to convey it with each of you individually.” As a result of the Vice President’s generosity, I shall be forever thankful.

Flournoy will be replaced by Lorraine Voles, who worked as Al Gore’s communications director and joined Harris’ staff as a senior adviser last summer.

As the vice president’s office came under increasing scrutiny last summer, Voles, who also worked on the transition, was brought in to focus on strategic communication. When she first joined the administration, she was meant to serve only a short period, but aides have labeled her as a crucial member of the team because she’s been called upon increasingly during the course of her tenure on the job.

Flournoy worked as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff and Voles was an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign, thus her hiring retains the Clinton link in the vice president’s office.

Tana has been a trusted confidant, adviser, and leader for me, Harris said in a statement. “Tina is a consummate public servant, and I will continue to rely on her expertise, counsel, and friendship,” says the president.

Her office has previously been accused of “dysfunction” and “abuse,” and Harris has a reputation for being difficult to work with.

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Last year, an insider with knowledge of how Harris’ office is operated told Politico that “people are put under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses, and it’s an abusive environment.” Many people feel abused and unwelcome in this setting. It’s a place where people are treated like s— rather than supported.

It was even claimed by CNN that there was “entrenched chaos and lack of focus” in the office.



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