Jury in Governor Whitmer “Kidnapping Plot” Found Members of Michigan Militia “Not Guilty” Due to FBI Entrapment

Jury in Governor Whitmer “Kidnapping Plot” Found Members of Michigan Militia “Not Guilty” Due to FBI Entrapment

We’ve been telling you for a while now the “Governor Whitmer kidnapping case” was falling apart.


And today, that was proven to be true, when two so-called “kidnappers” were found not guilty, and two other ended in mistrials.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the historic Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot case ended with no convictions Friday, delivering a blow to the government as it failed to convince a jury that four militia members were domestic terrorists determined to harm the governor because of  her COVID-19 restrictions.

The jury declared two of those men not guilty, but deadlocked on the charges against the other two, who will be retried.

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Defendant Daniel Harris — the only one who testified at the trial — was acquitted on all four counts, with the judge telling the 24-year-old Lake Orion man he would be free to go Friday afternoon.

Brandon Caserta, 33, of Canton, was acquitted on the only count he faced: kidnapping conspiracy. He was freed Friday — which is also his birthday — after more than 18 months in jail following his arrest in an FBI sting outside an Ypsilanti warehouse.

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“What the FBI did was unconscionable,” Caserta’s lawyer, Michael Hills, said outside the courthouse. as He has long argued that his client and the others were entrapped by rogue FBI informants and agents, including one who ran a cybersecurity company while investigating the case.


“To me, this was a signal,” Hills said of the verdict.  “A rogue FBI agent trying to line his own pockets with his own cybersecurity company, pushing a conspiracy that just never was, never was going to be. Our governor was never in any danger. And I think the jury —  they didn’t get all of it — but they smelled enough of it.”


Michigan officials have vowed to retry the two cases that ended in mistrials.

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