What Was She Thinking? Jill Biden’s Latest Outfit Gets Compared To Willy Wonka

What Was She Thinking? Jill Biden’s Latest Outfit Gets Compared To Willy Wonka

Jill Biden is a fashion disaster.

I didn’t think it was possible for any woman to dress worse than Michelle Obama, but then Doc Jill was installed and said, “Hold my beer….” and it’s been one ghastly fashion decision after another, ever since.


Who can forget the time she wore the mini dress, ankle boots, and fishnet stockings? Nothing like a 70-year-old woman reliving 1982.

Dr. Jill Biden Addresses Her Viral Fishnet Stockings: Details

And many of her ugly outfits look like shower curtains.

MORE NEWS: Watch: Don Jr. Posts Hilarious 6-Second Video of The Official “CNN+ Funeral”

This dress is just horrible beyond words.

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jill-biden-shower-curtain – Defiant America

Some people think Jill Biden looks like 80s rocker Alice Cooper. I think it’s her outdated hairstyle and the shape of her face.

Sorry, Alice.

The entire Trump family is furious about Jill Biden landing on the cover of Vogue magazine. Don Jr has crassly photoshopped the First Lady while Lara Trump has ranted on the magazine

I don’t know who’s dressing Jill, but her stylist must be an undercover Trump supporter.


Especially after her Easter outfit, where she was literally compared to Willy Wonka, and for good reason.


Who wore it better, Jill or Willy?

Well, let’s see what everyone had to say:

“That’s easy!! Gene!! The devil’s maiden can go back to hell!!”

“Gene wore it better than Alice Cooper did.” 

“Ironically, purple is the official color for Alzheimer’s…very fitting” 

“My grandma has a couch that looks exactly like that dress” 

“At least the shoes are cute? She managed to get something right in the midst of that atrocity of an outfit.”

“Does she not own a mirror?”

“I’m starting to think Joe is dressing Jill” 

“I miss Melania.” 

“I think Willy Wonka looks better and would also be a better president than Joe” 


Well, looks like we have another “who wore it better” contender…

Jill is a fashion train wreck.

But of course, the liberal designer world hails Jill as a “fashionista”… these are the same people who ignored Melania Trump’s stunning style and refused to place her on the cover of any magazine.

Another so-called “distinguished group” who’s lost all credibility, thanks to Stage 5 TDS.

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