[VIDEO] Watch How Many Patriotic Texans Slam The Door On This Really “WOKE” Beto Volunteer

[VIDEO] Watch How Many Patriotic Texans Slam The Door On This Really “WOKE” Beto Volunteer

When I watched this, I loved it, and I knew I wanted to share it with you.


But I honestly think the “woke” Beto volunteer is acting. There’s just no way, this guy is real, right?

It’s really hard these days to tell the difference between the left’s bizarre and disturbing reality and parody.

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Either way, the entire clip is hilarious and worth watching… because no matter what that volunteer was doing, the reaction from everyday Texans to his “wokeness” and his campaigning for that dolt Beto was 100 percent real, and that was the best part.

So, basically, the setup is simple. A man claiming to be a Beto volunteer, complete with his Biden t-shirt and rainbow suspender, goes door-to-door to spread the progressive gospel according to Beto and the reaction from these patriotic Texans is absolutely awesome and very much real.


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You can watch the video below:

What a great video clip and a sign of the times. Americans are just so sick of the woke garbage.

Remember when the left thought Beto was going to be the “white Obama”?


They treated him like a rockstar when he ran against Ted Cruz for a Senate seat, and then they dropped him like a hot potato when he flopped on the presidential campaign trial.

This guy is making a profession out of losing.

I have a better chance of winning against Abbot in the Texas governor’s race than this clown does.

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