[VIDEO] Many Convinced This Viral Clip Shows Amber Heard Sniffing Cocaine On The Witness Stand

[VIDEO] Many Convinced This Viral Clip Shows Amber Heard Sniffing Cocaine On The Witness Stand

There’s a short video clip that’s gone mega-viral of model Amber Heard on the witness stand, and many people, have a lot of questions and thoughts about what exactly she’s doing during her testimony.


As you likely know Amber Heard is the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

The two are locked in a bitter lawsuit right now, because after the divorce, and during the peak of the #MeToo movement, Amber wrote an op-ed for WAPO, claiming she was a victim of abuse. She never named Depp as the abuser, but it was obvious it was him she was talking about.

The op-ed basically destroyed Johnny’s career. He lost all his upcoming parts, including his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

He is suing Amber for $50 million.

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She is counter-suing him for his $100 million.

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Amber is now on the witness stand, and people have a lot of questions about her behavior.

In this one particular clip, many people are convinced Amber did a “bump” of cocaine out of a piece of Kleenex.

It’s no secret Amber and Johnny both did their fair share of drugs.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s the clip in slow motion (2nd video below):

Here’s what people online are saying:

“That’s a coke bump if I’ve ever seen one”

“You can ear the click, its like a little thing made for cocaine like a little bottle thing and you click the button and it shoots up in your nose, my ex used to do that”

“She straight did a bump on the stand. Unbelievable”

“Okay that was clearly coke omg. No one does /that/ movement to clear their nose”

“that’s how you snort coke, that kleenex she keeps doing that with has coke in it!”

“It’s in her pinky nail. Watch closely.”

“I think it’s a vial snorter. The top has an open close. They’re small, tissue would wrap around it easy”

But not everyone was convinced:

“Where exactly would the blow have been though? Just laying in the napkin?”

No way. I’ve done that plenty of times with a tissue up my nose and it wasn’t coke.

“With my allergies, I understand because I always have one of two nostrils clogged or inflamed. It looks like she was just blowing her nose”


I find it hard to believe that Amber would do something that bold and illegal on a witness stand, but she has a reputation for being emotionally unhinged, and I think that’s what’s fueling this viral rumor.

What do you think?

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