[VIDEO] Reporter Tells Beto The Parents of TX Victims Did Not Appreciate His Political Stunt

[VIDEO] Reporter Tells Beto The Parents of TX Victims Did Not Appreciate His Political Stunt

Is there a bigger loser than Beto?


This guy is in love with losing. He literally loses for a living.

There is no way Beto O’Rourke will be the governor of Texas, and he knows it.

So, why does he run?

For attention, PR, and money.

It’s pathetic. 

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And this narcissist has no heart, either.

On the day 19 children were slaughtered, Beto pulled off one of the grossest political stunts I’ve ever seen.

The Dems are so evil and sick; they have no bottom when it comes to morals.


People were understandably horrified by this heartless act.

The mayor of Uvalde actually called Beto a “son of a b*tch,” and the parents of the victims made it clear they did not want him there.

Conservative reporter Drew Hernandez caught up with Beto and confronted him about his disgusting stunt that exploited dead children.


He also told Beto that the victim’s parents didn’t want him there and asked for a response.

Look at what a coward Beto is…

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“there’s never a large fckin dumpster around when you really need one….”

“Beto is the most POS person in America. He exploits tragedy hoping to gain, in his own failed political endeavors.”

“Beto, you are a scumbag” 

“exploiting the deaths of the children for a “photo op” moment is truly classless!”

“he’s such a puss. Abbott will crush him.”

“Beta male O’roke is only tough when dead children are to be exploited!”

“Apparently @BetoORourke doesn’t like it when people interrupt his campaigning.”

“Finally a journalist with a backbone!”

“Just another mentally I’ll Democrat.”

“Do people still believe politicians when they do stunts like this? I mean, seriously… it’s so fake” 

Beto is a “stuntman.”

Remember his failed run for president when he used to “jump” on tables and counters to talk to people?

He was trying to be “folksy” and start a viral “thing.”

Beto jumps on tables and changes the world…cringe.


Everyone started complaining because his dirty, gross shoes were all over tables and counters where they were eating, so he had to stop doing it.

This clown is always looking for a “gimmick.”

And like all Dems, he doesn’t care who he has to step on to get some attention.

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