One Popular Trump Supporter Summed Up The Failed “Biden Regime” With 4 Damning Photos 

One Popular Trump Supporter Summed Up The Failed “Biden Regime” With 4 Damning Photos 

The Biden Regime is a laughingstock around the world.


Here we’ve got this old, confused coot wandering around, shaking hands with the “air,” and his admin consisting of neurotic, clueless millennials, and woke radicals who have ZERO in common with average, everyday Americans… it’s a total sideshow.

And they wonder why the American people are completely fed up with Biden and his entire freak-show circus?

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We’re told that gender is a construct, and it’s now fluid and everyone can just identify however they want — and that’s SCIENCE… oh, and apparently, men can have babies and “women” don’t have menstrual periods, they’re now called “bleeders.”

Again, more of that left-wing SCIENCE…

Apparently, men can be “women of the year,” and if you don’t CELEBRATE that, you’re a nasty bigot and a racist who hates science.

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People who used to cross-dress in the shadows because it’s a creepy mental illness, are now working in top-level government jobs making big decisions for you and me, and if you call that out or question it, you’ll be banned from social media.

Also, a person who was not only duped by the Russia Hoax, the biggest political hoax on the planet but pushed it as well, is now in charge of a new “Ministry of Truth” department, whose task it is to seek out lies and disinformation online and correct it.

Just to summarize: someone who couldn’t tell the Russia Hoax was disinformation, is now in charge of locating “disinformation.”

That sounds logical, right?

But that’s Biden admin for you.

It’s not about your skill level or experience, it’s about your activism or the color of your skin, or what gender you identify as.

And that’s why this tweet from the popular pro-Trump account, “Catturd” is so spot-on.

It sums up the entire Biden Admin in 4 photos:


Here are the photos closeup:





Here’s what people online are saying:


“National disgrace”

“The sad thing is they are all likely more mentally competent than their POTUS !”

“If this doesn’t scare you…. well, I’ll see you in hell”

“they need serious mental evaluations.”

“It’s like watching a horrible sitcom!”

“It’s a literal circus”

“Wtf is going on here ?”

“We used to pay to go see the bearded lady, now we just have to turn on a White House briefing” 

The left thinks THIS is representative of “America.”

They are wrong. 


This is a fringe group of radicals, who are dealing with a lot of emotional and mental baggage and illness and much of this behavior should be treated, not normalized.

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