Joe Biden Suggests Any American Purchasing “Semi-Automatic Rifles” Will Use It to “Kill Someone”

Joe Biden Suggests Any American Purchasing “Semi-Automatic Rifles” Will Use It to “Kill Someone”

We have a senile, unserious buffoon pretending to be “president” right now, and the country and the American people are suffering as a result.


The country is going to hell in a handbasket under Joe Biden.

Soaring inflation and gas prices, open borders, food shortages, and skyrocketing violence.

And we’re being led by an Alzheimer’s patient.

It’s depressing.

And to make matters worse, a teenage madman went on a shooting rampage at a Texas elementary school and murdered 18 young kids.

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The teenage terrorist was a walking example of someone who should have been in a mental institution. There are reports he was a cross-dresser, who was violent, weird, and a loner. He would reportedly cut his own face up for “fun,” and his friends said he “drastically changed” from being a shy, sweet kid to an unrecognizable creep.

There were so many signs that this kid needed help… and we should be talking about THAT. Asking why he didn’t get the help he so desperately needed.

But instead of doing that, shaky, senile Joe Biden is shuffling around, blaming the NRA and Republicans for this shooting rampage, and is now suggesting that any American who buys a semi-automatic rifle is only doing so to “kill somebody.”

Yes, the great “uniter.” 


This is what Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering tweeted about Joe’s disgusting comments: “I kind of thought this was an off-the-cuff remark, but the White House now emphasizing it. Is Joe Biden really suggesting that Americans are purchasing semi-automatic rifles to kill people?”

And here’s what Bumbling Joe said: “The idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy assault weapons is just wrong. What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone?”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“You will happily arm an 18 year old with these weapons and more and send them to war.”

“But you’ll send piles of these to the Ukrainians, huh, but responsible Americans can’t buy them?” 

“Why do you need drones and tanks for except to kill someone?”

“This dumb old coot is calling most Americans killers LOL wow” 

“The gun debate is such a joke…. Guns don’t kill, mentally ill people kill! Mental health and poverty will continue to destroy people. Stop the politics and be human for a moment!”

“Is anyone taking safety advice from a guy who drools?” 

“The idea that you’re president is just wrong, but here we are.”

“God: Please get word to Joe to stop invoking you in an attempt to rope you into being his gun-grabbing wingman. If you’ll do that, I’ll handle informing him it’s none of his business what people want to do for sport shooting or self-protection. Thanks for everything.”

“Ah yes “assault weapons” my favorite Dem bullshit term “

“President Tapioca Brains is so stuck in his “the Second Amendment is for hunting” fudd-mode that he doesn’t understand this isn’t the dunk he thinks it is. Part of why I “need” assault weapons *is* (potentially) to kill people.”

“You want a four year old to have the ability to change their gender but an 18 year old should not own a gun?”

“The idea that Hunter Biden is not currently serving a 10 year sentence in a Federal Prison for his gun crimes is just wrong. What in God’s name is your pathetic excuse for not holding your own child accountable for his actions?”

Since Joe Biden was young, he’s believed the 2nd Amendment is the right to “deer hunt.”

Seriously. Go back and listen to his past comments. That’s what he really thinks.


He is the last person who should talk about gun rights, especially now that he barely has any working brain matter left in his wrinkly old head.

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