[VIDEO] Biden Just Humiliated America AGAIN On The World’s Stage, This Time in S. Korea

[VIDEO] Biden Just Humiliated America AGAIN On The World’s Stage, This Time in S. Korea

Can we please get a giant cane and YANK this senile buffoon off the world’s stage?


Once again, Joe Biden has humiliated the United States and the American people by behaving like a senile buffoon in front of the entire world.

Why in God’s name do they keep sending this sickly, mentally spent man out in public?

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Biden is in Asia right now… the man can’t even find his way to the toilet in the White House, but now they’ve got him shuffling around Asia.

He’s in S. Korea at the moment, and apparently, he’s there to reaffirm a key alliance at an uncertain moment in East Asia, punctuated by growing warnings from US intelligence that North Korea may conduct a missile test during the President’s visit…

So, you can imagine how “reassuring” it was for S. Korea when Biden couldn’t even get their leader’s name correct.

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Senile Joe called President Yoon, President Moon…the name of his predecessor.

Way to go, Joe.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying:

“Never let this moron and father of Hunter Biden lecture you about morality and decency. Worst President is US History.”

“he utter embarrassment this fool brings to our nation is never ending…..”

“OMG, he continues to be an embarrassing person.”

“Goodwill tour to showcase American presidential cognitive decline continues.”

“Yoon, Moon, Loon, Poon… President Biden needs a diaper change”

“I’m just glad he didn’t moon Yoon. Actually, I’m sorry he didn’t.”

“They are just torturing this fossil. He should be resting at the nursing home. Smh”


Let me guess, this is that pesky “childhood stutter” again, huh?

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