[VIDEO] Ditzy Biden Staffer Giggles When She Can’t Name Anyone at WH Who’s Leading On “Baby Formula” Issue

[VIDEO] Ditzy Biden Staffer Giggles When She Can’t Name Anyone at WH Who’s Leading On “Baby Formula” Issue

If you want to see how much the Biden admin cares about the baby formula shortage just listen to how they talk about it.


The other day, Joe was asked how he could’ve better handled the shortage, and like a total jerk, he said he’s not a “mind reader.”

Meanwhile, anything that has to do with Ukraine, Biden is tripping over himself to make it happen… including sending billions of our tax dollars to secure their borders and help their people, while we all suffer.

And his staff is no better.

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When a reporter asked a ditzy young Biden staffer who was running “point” on the baby formula shortage at the White House, she had no clue.

All she could do is giggle and say she didn’t know, but she’d try to find out.

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Gee, thanks, lady. 

Think about this…

Right now American parents can’t feed their babies, and Biden and his team are so disinterested, that they’re making dumb jokes, and laughing about it.

What does that tell you?


You can listen to audio below:

This is how much the left cares about suffering Americans… giggles and snark.


If you can’t see that they care more about Ukraine than you, then you’re not paying attention.

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