Report: Biden Works Out Deal To Provide Free Internet To “Eligible Households”

Report: Biden Works Out Deal To Provide Free Internet To “Eligible Households”

The White House announced on Monday that the Biden administration had secured commitments from 20 internet service providers to increase speeds or cut prices in order to provide free high-speed internet to tens of millions of eligible U.S. households.

As part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) was established, which provides eligible families with $30 off their internet bills each month.

Many parents in the United States have driven to McDonald’s parking lots to get online so that their children can finish their homework while the pandemic is going on. This is not who we are,” Joe Biden said on Monday in remarks at the White House.

It’s not a luxury item, but a necessity, he said, calling the need for high-speed internet “pretty consequential.”

ACP-eligible households will receive high-speed, high-quality internet plans for no more than $30 per month as a result of the new commitments announced on Monday.

The faster you wanted might have cost more or you might have had to settle for slower service. Because of this, administration officials say, the Biden-Harris administration has collaborated with the private sector in an effort to fix the problem.

Nearly 40% of all households in the United States are eligible for the ACP. More than ten million Americans had signed up for the program as of February.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will announce on Monday that the cost of high-speed internet will be reduced as part of their efforts to lower the cost of living for American families in the face of high inflation.

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Families and the things they need are at the top of my list of priorities when it comes to fighting inflation.” Joe Biden said today’s announcement would help millions of families by providing them with “a little more, a little more breathing room” to pay their bills.

The president’s domestic agenda includes making high-speed internet more widely available to all citizens. A total of $65 billion was included in the bipartisan infrastructure law for the purpose of increasing broadband internet access across the country.

In today’s society, too many families cannot afford to get connected, even if they have access to the Internet. According to Biden, “So they go without high-speed Internet, or they sacrifice other necessities in order to make it work,”

If you didn’t want to pay a lot more out of your own pocket, you had to settle for slow internet service for $30 a month in the past, he continued.

All major providers, as well as smaller providers that serve rural areas like Jackson Energy Authority and Comporium in North Carolina, have agreed to provide free internet access to their customers.

In the Rose Garden, Biden thanked White House contractors by asking those in attendance to rise. “This is an example of big business getting involved,” he stated. Asked about inflation, he said, “I’m trying to get others to do the same thing, but these guys are the best.”

On the basis of their income or participation in federal programs like Pell Grants, Medicaid, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), households are eligible for the ACP.

ACP enrollment information will be made available on the government’s website, and the administration will work with local governments to disseminate it, including by text message, to those who qualify, according to administration officials.

They went on to say that “affordable high-speed internet can make or break how millions of families can work, learn, and participate in the 21st century economy.



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