Using The “Air Vent” in His Cell, J6 Political Prisoner “Met” a Young Black Man in DC Jail Who Needs Your Prayers

Using The “Air Vent” in His Cell, J6 Political Prisoner “Met” a Young Black Man in DC Jail Who Needs Your Prayers

I am a firm believer that God has a plan for all of us.


Sometimes, when the plan is unfolding, we don’t know what’s going on. It may feel like a punishment, but later, the “reason” is revealed, and we can see it was something bigger and more powerful than we realized.

I think that’s exactly what happened to a 61-year-old J6 political prisoner named Richard Bigo Barnett.

He was one of the amazing patriots Team Biden locked away and left to rot in the DC hellhole jail.

This is what Bigo has said about what happened that fateful day at the Capitol:

“Just for the record, I did not break into the capital. I was pushed in and trampled while trying to keep others from being hurt. I was then not allowed to leave. My voice on video.”


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While Bigo was being held in the “hole” as a political prisoner in that lonely, dark cell, he “met” a young black name named George.

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The two “met” via the air vents in their cells.

George was being held in solitary confinement — he’s 21-years-old.

The two men developed an amazing and unique friendship, and one of the first things Bigo did when he got out of jail was tell the story of George, and how this young man’s struggle changed Bigo’s life.


Here’s the story of George as told by Bigo in a series of tweets:

Thread 1) when I was in the hole in prison in DC, I met and communicated with a young black man that was in the cell next to me through the ventilation vents. I was in the hole for quite some time so we got to know each other well. He was a good kid. 21 years old.

2) He had been in trade school on the outside and in prison was taking courses in solitary confinement with occasional visits from his teacher. He was trying hard but struggling a bit so I started helping him. We had the custodian or a guard pass his assignments back and forth

So I could explain and check his work. He shared with me he aspired to be a rapper and shared his music with me. We even wrote a song together about him and I in prison. We talked about music, family and all aspects of life over several weeks. What it was like…

4) live in the hood in DC and how he ended up in the DC correctional facility. That is the main story I want to share with you now. Edited I do, I want you to understand that I have a lot of regard for this young man, how hard he was trying to move forward for his family even

5) from a solitary confinement cell. George was living with his girlfriend, son and newborn baby at his parents house. His father was involved in drug activity and was in and out of the house. One day when George, his mom, his girl and the babies were home, two men, one of them

6) armed with a pistol, kicked in the front door and invaded their home. They were looking for his dad. George wrestled the pistol away from one of the men and shot him, killing him. As the other man ran back out the door, George chased after him. The man grabbed a brick and

7) threw it at George. He shot and killed this intruder also only outside of the house in the street. George is now charged with 2 counts of murder. I tell this story for 2 reasons. First off George, adrenaline pumping, saving his family maybe shouldn’t have shot the second

8)thug, but I have no problem with it. They brought the fight to him. He took care of business. You can agree or disagree that is your perogative. But secondly I can’t help the disparity of the way the news and blm both portray the issues with black lives mattering while

9) Totally ignoring the highest percentages of perpetrators of crimes on and murders of blacks in our country. The perpetrators are other blacks! This is not a racist issue. Above all it is a community issue, it is a fatherless demographic issue, it is many other issues that we

10) told to ignore. Make what you want of this thread but George does not deserve this. His family and many other families within these communities do not deserve the lies that perpetuate the real problem. Shame on you that call yourself leaders of a BLM movement, shame on the

11) media and anyone else that spreads lies and hatred. George you may never see this as you sit in your cell planning a future for your children that you may never get to fulfill but I want you to know I heard what you have to say. I respect you and wish you all the best

12) in what you can salvage from your situation. You didn’t ask for this. May God bless you and yours young man. -Bigo

13) for those taking the time to read this I thank you. Just know that this is an extremely short version of mine and George’s time together.

Later, Bigo offered an update on George. Here’s what he said:

After writing this thread last night I did new research and although difficult to find, I did discover George got a new atty. and accepted a plea deal of 2 counts of voluntary manslaughter served concurrently. I can’t find his final sentencing but in DC that’s still up to 30 yrs.

God Bless Bigo for telling us about George. How would we have known about this young man’s story if it weren’t for Bigo being in that random place at this exact moment in time?

This is what I mean about God’s plan…

And here I am, some random “blogger” just perusing the internet for things to share with you, my “online family,” and I see this thread and it touches my heart, so I publish it, and now thousands and thousands more people will hear about George (and Bigo).

There’s now an army of people out there who know George and can pray for him and support him. And from the responses on Bigo’s thread, that’s already happening big time… and you never know where this will go, and what could happen.

Bigo was part of something bigger… And he’s a patriot.

I’d encourage you to follow him on Twitter, or at least take a minute to send him an encouraging word and thank him for his sacrifice. He’s a warrior for truth.

You can find him here.


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