OUCH: America Unloads On Quadruple-Vaxed Bill Gates When He Announces He’s Got COVID 

OUCH: America Unloads On Quadruple-Vaxed Bill Gates When He Announces He’s Got COVID 

Shocker of all shockers, another quadruple-vaxed person has caught COVID, and felt the need to tell us about it, and then thank the vaccine for not working, and claiming how “mild” their symptoms are.


It was none other than Bill Gates.

Once again, I have to remind everybody that almost everyone who catches COVID has “mild” symptoms regardless of vax status, that’s why it has a 99.8 survival rate.

It feels like all the elites got a script to follow, doesn’t it?

Well, if Bill was looking for some love and sympathy from the American people, he was really disappointed…clearly, very few people like Bill Gates…

Here’s what he said in a tweet:

I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’m experiencing mild symptoms and am following the experts’ advice by isolating until I’m healthy again.

I’m fortunate to be vaccinated and boosted and have access to testing and great medical care.

The Gates Foundation is coming together today for the first time in two years, and I am lucky to be on Teams to see everyone and thank them for their hard work.

We will continue working with partners and do all we can to ensure none of us have to deal with a pandemic again.

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Of course, nobody can reply directly to his tweet.


But don’t worry, America still let their voices be heard, and Bill could see every single comment:


“But you will never be healthy Bill, you’re fking sick!”

“I don’t give a shit. What makes you think I or anybody cares?”

“Why did you turn the replies off, you coward” 

“Your vaccine protects as well as your crappy operating system.”

“You’ll always be sick Bill so it’s best you stay in isolation forever.”

“Is telling people you’ve got Covid still a thing? No one cares, pal” 

“58MM followers and nobody gives a shit about what u came down with. Stop pushing your bullshit vaccine that doesn’t work. You’ll live, Loser”

“Billionaire Eugenicist who believes in population control and ending personal liberty gets COVID. Let’s hope for the best.” 

“Hope you burn in hell, a**hole” 

“Be careful Bill! Covid is deadly for elderly out of shape men with boobs” 

“bill gates is insane and shouldn’t be trusted with anything to do with medicine.”

“I’m so happy to be vaxxed and boosted! Get your boosters too kiddos, it’s working great! Don’t forget to get your punch cards punched, on you tenth one you get two chilidogs from sonic!”

“What a pathetic, dishonest coward you are, @BillGates. Disabling comments. But we have no doubt that you are getting the best care. Much like your children are getting the best education. While others are deficient. Because of your policies.”

“You have mistaken us for people who give a sh*t”

“Why don’t you isolate permanently and go f**k yourself, Billy?”

“You should quarantine forever, loser.” 


And on and on and on the comments like that went. Almost 1,500 of them…


My guess is that Bill Gates knows perfectly well that Americans dislike him and his creepy dark arts “science,” but he’s such an elitist narcissist that he has to keep engaging, anyway.

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