Mother of Miss America Cheslie Kryst Reveals Her Daughter’s Final “Goodbye Text” Before Killing Herself

Mother of Miss America Cheslie Kryst Reveals Her Daughter’s Final “Goodbye Text” Before Killing Herself

We’ve talked about how many stories we’ve done lately about young, successful people committing suicide.


It’s really left a huge impact on me.

I think about all these young “celebrities,” who you think have it all, who are killing themselves, and it makes you think about them, and also how many “average” young people this is happening to as well.

It’s heartbreaking.

Is it COVID? Did people become even more hopeless and sad when they were locked down and isolated? Did they feel like they had nothing left to live for?

One of the stories that touched my heart the most, and left me so heartbroken was the one about Cheslie Kryst, a former Miss America.

She committed suicide by jumping off her balcony.

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Cheslie was so beautiful, bright, and successful and she had a mother who loved her so much…why did she kill herself? WHY?

It’s hard for people who are not dealing with severe mental anguish and depression to understand what that’s like. We just see what’s on the surface and think how perfect it looks.

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But in Cheslie’s case, she suffered horrifically, and she didn’t even let her family know how bad it was.

She didn’t want to be a burden.

Her mother, who was devastated at the loss of her beautiful daughter, is now speaking out very candidly and is sharing intimate details about her daughter and her death, in hopes of helping others.

Recently, her mother shared the final “goodbye text” that Cheslie wrote to her just before she jumped to her death.

It’s heart-wrenching. 

Penn Live reported that before jumping to her death from her 29th- story Midtown Manhattan high-rise apartment in January, former Miss USA and Extra New York correspondent Cheslie Kryst, who was 30 years old, left a heart-wrenching suicide text to her mother and it isn’t the easiest thing to watch.

The beauty queen’s mother, April Simpkins, was invited as a guest on an episode of the Facebook series “Red Table Talk,” hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter, Willow Smith, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, where the heart-broken mother revealed the gut-wrenching moment, she read her daughter’s tragic last words through text.

Knowing her mother would be in an exercise class at the time, her daughter sent her the earth-shattering text so she wouldn’t be able to stop her.“First, I’m sorry, by the time you get this, I won’t be alive anymore.

And it makes me even more sad to write this because I know it will hurt you the most,” Kryst wrote to her mother.Even more tragic was the fact Simpkins caught up to the heart-wrenching text an hour after it was sent and was overcome with grief while reading the entire message, just knowing her daughter had already taken her own life.
“I love you mom, and you are my best friend, and the person I’ve lived for for years.

I wish I could stay with you, but I cannot bear the crushing weight of persistent sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness any longer,” the text continued.

“I’ve never told you these feelings, because I never wanted you to worry, and because I hoped they would eventually change, but I know they never will. They follow me through every accomplishment, success, family gathering, friendly dinner.“

I cry almost every day now, like I’m in mourning. I wished for death for years. And I know you would want to know and want to help, but I haven’t wanted to share this weight with anyone. Regardless of that, thank you sincerely for being there for me in some of my loneliness moments without me even telling you I needed you.“You have kept me alive and ready to face another day, because you answer every phone call, and you are there for me at the drop of a hat. You listen to me and care when I tell you what goes on in my life and you’ve always made me feel like you loved me.

“I love you more than any person I’ve ever known. You’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve done everything right,” the text read.

There are no words that can describe how sad this is… for any parent to lose a child this way, or any loved one to suicide is just so tragic.

I hope that you’re never feeling that lost and lonely, but if you are, please know that there is help.

If you can’t talk to family, please call this number and just speak to someone on the other end of the phone. 800-273-8255. 

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. 

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