911 Dispatcher Slams Chicago Leaders After Memorial Weekend Bloodshed: “This Nonsense Has to Stop”

911 Dispatcher Slams Chicago Leaders After Memorial Weekend Bloodshed: “This Nonsense Has to Stop”

While Dems focus on Uvalde, they’re ignoring what happens pretty much every single weekend in Chicago — a city with some of the strongest gun control measures in the country.


They ignore what happens in Chicago because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Chicago is a perfect example that “gun control” doesn’t actually fix the problem, and Dems don’t want you to know that.

Just look what happened over Memorial Day weekend…

This year, police say over 50 people were shot, nine fatally, over the holiday weekend.

About half of the shooting victims were wounded on the West Side. The downtown area had four shooting victims.

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By Monday morning, shootings had outpaced Memorial Day weekend in 2021, when 37 people were shot, three of them fatally.

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And where’s Joe Biden?

He’s slurping his tapioca pudding in the corner and has nothing to say about this bloodshed.

But one former 911 dispatcher in Chicago has a lot to say, and he appeared on Fox News to blast city leadership over the “bloodbath” that occurred over the holiday weekend.

The New York Post reported that a Chicago 911 dispatcher is demanding accountability from the city’s leadership as bloodshed rocked the Memorial Day weekend, leaving 38 dead and dozens wounded nationwide.

The dispatcher, Keith Thornton Jr., joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the significance of accountability in ceasing the rampant crime in the Windy City. According to Chicago Sun-Times, 51 people were shot in the city over the weekend, with 10 killed.


“This nonsense has to stop,” Thornton Jr. told co-host Todd Piro. “We need someone who’s going to take the position and say, you guys need to cut this out, and if you don’t do it, this is the accountability and this is what we’re going to do to you.”

“It’s not happening here,” he continued. “It’s not happening.”

Thornton Jr. stressed “nothing is going to change” unless the city’s leadership changes course on its soft on crime approach.

“This is just a new generation of youth coming up nowadays without those parents and without those mentors to give them that, so this is what’s taking place,” Thornton Jr. said. “But when you don’t have that accountability, it goes back to that. We don’t have that accountability, and you have distressed, government service and system city council within these cities, nothing’s going to change.”

You can watch the video below:

It’s really shameful and disgusting how the left cherry-picks their causes based on the political winds.

Joe Rogan got it right:

We should be talking about mental health issues, the nuclear family, and creating training programs in inner cities, but instead, Mr. Magoo is shuffling around DC, claiming 9 mm guns blow the lungs out of people’s bodies and the 2A is not “absolute.”


Apparently, Joe’s forgotten what “shall not infringe” means.

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Charlene Greenway
6 months ago

Yes, we have a mental health problem and it’s called the democrats in congress and some of the so called republicans as well, st**ting with McConnell & McCarthy, until the republicans get rid of th*se two, the party is just as bad as the democrats are.

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