[VIDEO] This Stunning Tapper/Fauci Clip Shows CNN is Making The Slow Turn Back to “Real News”

[VIDEO] This Stunning Tapper/Fauci Clip Shows CNN is Making The Slow Turn Back to “Real News”

Okay, for the record, I don’t have a lot of faith that CNN will become some “beacon of truth” under their new ownership.

I think no matter what, in this era of crazed left-wing commies, there will always be political bias and an agenda in the media.

However, with that said, I do think we’ll see some pretty major shifts coming from CNN, and that’s mainly because they were at such a gutter-low point, that anything they do to better themselves will look like a huge improvement.


So, with that said, that’s how I am approaching this Jake Tapper/Dr. Death Fauci interview clip.

It’s stunning because it’s bold, truthful, and doesn’t let Biden off the hook at all — as a matter of fact, it makes the White House look like the scheming two-bit liars we all know they truly are.

And for CNN to do that, it’s pretty remarkable, especially with the likes of Tapper and Fauci — two complete fake news spin artists who gleefully toe the Democrat line.

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But don’t get me wrong… this is not “complementing” CNN.

It’s just pointing out their new agenda, and how they’ll try desperately to win back viewers.



So, I think that there’s some definite “influence” from the new owners now, and this clip shows a “slow turn” back to reporting *some* real news.

That doesn’t mean they stop reporting their favorite fake news — but I think we’ll see more real stuff peppered in, and I guess that’s a small victory.

If anything, it’s amusing to watch Jake Tapper and Fauci have to repeat the actual truth for once in their miserable lives, and you know Joe and his commie klan are not happy about any shift towards “real” news.


So, for now, we’ll call this a “win.”

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