COVID Relief and Foreign Aid: What Do They Share in Common? One Viral Tweet Explains in 3 Quick Sentences 

COVID Relief and Foreign Aid: What Do They Share in Common? One Viral Tweet Explains in 3 Quick Sentences 

Well, there’s an awful lot of money being shipped overseas to Ukraine.


It seems like a never-ending stream, doesn’t it?

It’s starting to feel like Zelensky hit the lotto.


So, what’s the endgame here? How is this small country going to win a war against the big bad Ruskies who have a military that’s a thousand times more powerful, way bigger, and is a nuclear “superpower?”

How on earth is Ukraine going to beat a force like that? With our taxpayer-funded “donations?”


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That’s like saying Venezuela has a chance against the US in a war. It’s absurd… yet, we still keep funneling BILLIONS to them.


Well, there are many theories on why this is happening.

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Some believe that this is a legit fight, and Ukraine can win if we send them enough money and weapons… most of the people are leftists and GOP Warhawks.

Others think this whole thing is a big sham.

And one very popular theory is that Ukraine is one giant money-laundering scam.

Here’s what one online user said: “Covid was the biggest wealth transfer in history. Ukraine is where they launder the money. Now you’re all caught up on the last 2 years.”

Wow. That’s a bold statement. And the tweet is very popular and went viral.

So, how does this theory work?


Well, think about it — the politicians ship money to Ukraine, and then people they know, or their kids, like Hunter, make millions sitting on boards of foreign companies doing absolutely nothing.

See, the US government couldn’t actually pay Hunter, or anyone on the “secret payroll,” directly without everyone snooping and asking questions.

So, this paying people off this way doesn’t raise as many red flags, unless of course you’re a crackhead and you leave your laptop at a repair shop…

If that happens, things can get really dicey.

Here’s what people online are saying:

And the arms dealers make a profit again after the 4 lean years with #PresidentTrump

“Bingo !!! Winner ! Correct and accurate assessment !”

“If you can’t clearly see how this happened you are a sheep!”

“Until disproven, I’m gonna go with this as the assumed truth”

“Trump was never supposed to win. Elon was never supposed to buy twitter Is *Putin was never supposed to go into Ukraine* next?”

“Some understand whats going on”

“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

“Perfectly said! Let’s see how long it will take to rebuild Ukraine!”

“All roads lead to Ukraine.”

Of course, the fact-checkers will tell you that this is wrong, and there’s no proof, and you’re just spreading “Disinformation” and Russian talking points, or whatever is is they say.

But the truth is this — there’s a crisis of mistrust happening in this country right now between the government and its people.

And this isn’t because of the so-called Russian boogeymen, it’s because many Americans are waking up and paying attention to what’s going on and the rot in their local, state, and federal governments.

It’s real, and they see it.

This is why there is a multitude of conspiracies — because there is no trust left.


And fact-checkers shouting people down won’t change that… transparency, truth, and change are the only cures.

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