Americans Outraged After Dan Crenshaw Cancels Texas Event, And Jets Off to Ukraine

Americans Outraged After Dan Crenshaw Cancels Texas Event, And Jets Off to Ukraine

I will tell you what — this Ukraine “war” is certainly giving us a sneak peek at who’s America First and who’s America Last.

It’s easy to spot the rotten ones — they’re the politicians who are tripping over themselves to get a photo op in Ukraine, after voting to send them another $40 billion, while Americans back home are suffering,


I’ve never seen a war zone that was turned into one of those “party photo booths,” have you?

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It’s like getting your prom pictures, or something.

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And to make matters worse, some politicians are canceling their events at home to head over to Ukraine…

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The latest bum to do that is none other than establishment warhawk, Dan Crenshaw.

Dan was a coward about it and hid his plans from his voters.

One of Crenshaw’s top guys is a Trump-hater named Matt Wiltshire.

When asked why Dan was canceling his event in Texas, he wouldn’t say.

Now, this morning we’re learning Dan is in Ukraine.

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Once again, America Last…


When I say Americans online are outraged over this, I am not exaggerating.

Today’s social media feeds are filled with backlash against Dan Crenshaw, who many conservatives say is the next “John McCain.”

It makes sense… after all, Dan has admitted he gets political advice from his friend Paul Ryan.


Here’s what people are saying:

“I’m amazed how many people want to go to a war zone that millions have evacuated. Not to mention the “visitors” are dressed in their Sunday best without good running shoes just in case a bomb gets close “

“Sorry, but if that was a real war zone, they wouldn’t be going there for PR photos” 

“Is it just me or does something feel really off about this war?” 

“Republican or Democrat doesn’t really matter much. Most politicians just think of themselves. It’s politicians against people.”

“Texas needs to get rid of this guy QUICK!!” 

“Dan is following John McCains warmongering footsteps”

“He’s checking up on when his kick backs start.” 

“Can they keep him? Please?” 

“Apparently, you have to pick up your kick back in person.”

“Eyepatch McCain”

“Another rino that has to go”


If Texas does not get rid of this bum now, he will grow roots and never leave and will be the next McCain, only worse.

Just because you have a compelling and brave war story, and you served your country with honor, does not mean you’ll be a good politician.

Dan Crenshaw is one of the biggest RINOs we have and he MUST GO.

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