If Dems Thought 2022 Midterms Looked Bad, US Courts Just Dealt Them Deadliest Political Blow Yet

If Dems Thought 2022 Midterms Looked Bad, US Courts Just Dealt Them Deadliest Political Blow Yet

The Democrat Party is imploding before our very eyes.

They’re at a point of political reckoning right now.

They’ve gone way too far to the dark side, where the radical fringe is calling the shots. Now, the only way they can come back is to make a MAJOR shift towards the center.


It will be a hard battle to get back, and I don’t know if they can do it anytime soon — the kooks have hijacked the party.

And they will pay for this obscene radicalism at the ballot box in 2022.

Experts everywhere predict midterms will be horrific for Dems, but what’s happening in the courts is actually even worse than what experts are predicting at the polls.

THIS is their biggest blow yet.

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Axios reported that early redistricting wins for Democrats are collapsing across the map, deepening the party’s fears of a rout in November’s midterm elections.

Courts struck down some of Dems’ biggest gains, including in New York — where the GOP could win up to 11 total House seats in a red wave, according to the Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman.

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Party heavyweights — including House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and House Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) — will now be pitted against each other in contentious primaries.
Republicans are licking their chops at a Florida map that could allow them to pick up an extra four seats.
The big picture: Dems were already at a huge disadvantage for the midterms — with bare congressional majorities, dismal approval ratings for President Biden, and historical trends favoring the party out of power.

Gerrymandering opportunities in New York, Maryland and Illinois — along with favorable court actions in Alabama, Ohio and Pennsylvania — had given Democrats some cause to celebrate.
That optimism is now unraveling: “The legal setbacks and losses Democrats have suffered in the last three months have been staggering,” Wasserman says.



At the same time that some courts thought favorable to Democrats killed blue gerrymanders, Republican gerrymanders have managed to stand in other states — including Florida, Kansas, and Ohio.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ aggressive map in Florida is now seen as likely to stick, potentially allowing Republicans to pick up four extra seats.

A GOP-drawn gerrymander has survived in Kansas, despite a lower court ruling previously rejecting the map. Missouri also finalized its own maps heavily favoring Republicans.

In Ohio, GOP redistricting commissioners have essentially ignored repeated state Supreme Court orders to substantially redraw their gerrymandered maps, which could hand Republicans one extra seat while knocking out two Democrats.

The bottom line is that the Dems are in a lot of trouble, map-wise, and policy-wise. But their biggest problem right now is a senile old man who looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home… The ghost of Buffoon Biden will haunt every race up and down the ballot.


But we can’t rest back on our laurels.

We need to flood the polls, because one thing we know about Dems, is they will stop at NOTHING to hang onto power, so we cannot ease up, not even one bit.

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