[VIDEO] Here’s Why Don Jr. Wants This Loon to Keep Performing “Artistic Abortions” Outside Catholic Churches

[VIDEO] Here’s Why Don Jr. Wants This Loon to Keep Performing “Artistic Abortions” Outside Catholic Churches

I am a Millennial woman, and while I’ve always been conservative, I did lean liberal on many social issues in my twenties, including abortion. I was pro-choice.


“Was” being the operative word. I am now in my thirties and I am fully pro-life.

And conservatives didn’t make me this way…

Liberal women did.

I was so turned off by their disgusting “celebration” of killing babies, that I had to second-guess myself and my thinking on this issue, and after a lot of soul-searching, I made the right choice.

I absolutely did not want to be associated with women like that and I certainly did not want to support them or this disgusting cause.

The weird love and attachment they have to abortion is a sickness and watching them celebrate and “shout out” their abortions, felt like watching serial killers barking at the moon.

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It’s ghoulish madness.

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And speaking of exactly that, Don Jr. just shared a video clip that’s gone mega-viral of one of these types of women that I am talking about.

This lady (using the term loosely) in the video is having an “artistic” abortion out in front of a Catholic Church.

Don Jr. took the sarcastic approach with this, but he gets it. He knows that THIS does more to make women pro-life than anything else… so yes, keep it up, please.

Especially on Mother’s Day.

Here’s what Don said: “Dear democrats displays like this are really making me and everyone I know lean much more pro-choice. Please stop doing this so us conservatives have a chance this November!”


You can watch the video below:

It’s women like THIS that made me the pro-life person I am today and Don Jr. gets that.

So, thank you, crazy sicko, you helped me see the light, and I know you’ve done the same for countless others.

So, as Don said… please, keep it up.


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