[VIDEO] Elder Abuse? Jill’s Face In This Clip With Joe Says “She Knows…”

[VIDEO] Elder Abuse? Jill’s Face In This Clip With Joe Says “She Knows…”

On May 5th, Joe and Jill Biden hosted a “Cinco De Mayo” event at the White House.


The Bidens hosted Mexico’s first lady as part of their festivities, and as usual, Joe Biden’s blunders overshadowed everything.

This “overshadowing” is a regular occurrence and has been since he was installed. We can’t go a day without Joe Biden making a mess of something.

And Cinco De Mayo was no exception.

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As a matter of fact, Jill Biden got a front-row seat to Joe’s latest blunder, where he yet again, could not finish a sentence or his thought and left everyone wondering what the hell he was talking about.

Jill, who should probably be reported for “elder abuse,” looks like she can see the impending doom coming, as Joe starts to struggle with his thoughts.

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The look on her face, says it all… as Joe is stammering and slurring, you can see her glance off to the side.

She has a “knowing” look if you ask me.


Nobody knows better than Jill what a mess Joe Biden is…

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“LOL Jill’s face tho! She knows” 

“Was that an eye roll by Jill?”

“Another well-written speech goes down the drain.”

“Remember when the left told us that Donald Trump would embarrass the US on the world stage? lol” 

“This isn’t even funny anymore.”

“Thanks a lot Jill, this is actually all your fault” 

“At least Trump knows what he wants to say”

“Nothing to see here, folks. No cognitive decline. No impairment. Just regular old Joe.”

“If Trump did this, the media would be talking about it non-stop, 24/7. But because it’s Biden they ignore it” 

“We deserve to know more about Biden’s current medical condition and a cognitive test. Jill is mortified on the inside but the show must go on. So creepy.”

Jill does look “mortified,” but I don’t know why…this can’t be “news” to her, can it?


She’s the #1 Handler and is privy to everything that’s wrong with Joe Biden… and she’s hiding all of it from the American people so she can have power and prestige.

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