Popular Food Network Host Goes Full Blown “Anti-American” in Disturbing Tweet

Popular Food Network Host Goes Full Blown “Anti-American” in Disturbing Tweet

When a tragedy occurs that fits the left’s narrative, they will use it to push their agenda and ideology… and this is what Americans are sick and tired of. The constant politicization of everything.


Doing that means nothing will get done.

Nothing will be fixed.

We will make no progress.

Everyone will just stand their ground and argue politics, while they sweep the real issues under the rug.

That’s what Joe Biden did yesterday when he and his nursemaid Jill made comments about the Texas school shooting, where 18 innocent young lives were wiped out when a mentally sick, demonic monster opened fire.

Joe blamed the NRA and Republicans for the shooting.

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The great senile “unifier” strikes again.

But that’s what these progressive scumbags do. They don’t say a word when a man drives an SUV through a Christmas Parade because that doesn’t “fit” their narrative. But when a tragedy comes along that they can use, they all pounce like vultures.

It’s gross.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Tucker Can’t Believe His Eyes And Ears Watching Joe’s Speech On Texas School Shooting

And a perfect example of this attitude is Food Network host Valerie Bertinelli.

She tweeted out, “We are not the greatest country in the world” right after the mass shooting.

Gee, thanks for those uplifting and unifying words, Val.

Valerie, a privileged liberal lady who has more money than she knows what to do with, and piles of success and fame, sits in her California mansion, claiming the country that has given her a gilded life, isn’t the greatest… but it’s not this tragedy that has Valerie feeling this way… most rich, elite liberals hate America – it’s fashionable to do that, and it’s their way of condemning half of the country that doesn’t think and believe as they do.

This school shooting massacre allowed Valerie to share her true feelings about America.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“I’ll help you pack.”

“The actions of this mentally ill kid do not define a nation, lady” 

“We’re NOT the “BEST” because we have a DOPE running this country. By all means, LEAVE. DEMOCRATS LIKE YOU ARE BRINGING AMERICA TO HER KNEES.” 

“In much part because of Hollywood which you are a big part of. And why are many millions of impoverished illegals pouring in?”

“Self-righteous self-absorbed elite Hollywood snobs. They literally make everything worse.”

“Valerie trashes America with a Ukraine flag in her profile LOL” 

“You are free to gtfo if that’s your opinion” 

“Valerie, go to another country and start your own Food Network” 

“Says the filthy rich lady living in a 10 million dollar cali estate” 

“Spoken like a rich white liberal American woman that has zero clue of the world beyond her pampered bubble”

“No matter how bad it gets I will never agree… Go f**k yourself…or move to Ukraine.”

“Find the greatest Country, and go there.”

“Go back to Tiktok and complain about your ballooning weight to your followers, loser” 

“All Democrats hate America. Valerie’s been waiting for months to be able to say this out loud” 

Let’s be honest, Valerie never believed America was great.


She’s just another unhappy elitist liberal with Stage 5 TDS who is using a horrific tragedy as a cover to spew out her emotional baggage.

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