We Found The New “Chris Wallace” And This Time It’s a Female… And She Could Actually Be Worse

We Found The New “Chris Wallace” And This Time It’s a Female… And She Could Actually Be Worse

When Chris Wallace left Fox News, many conservatives thought his biased, nasty, and dishonest reporting style was a thing of the past.


Well, if you thought that, you were very wrong.

We’ve found the new “Chris Wallace,” and this time it’s a female and she could actually be worse.

Who is it?

None other than Wallace’s replacement, Fox News Sunday host Sandra Smith.

She’s absolutely insufferable.

So much so that the investigator for the movie “2000 Mules” called her a “moron.”

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It all went terribly wrong when Sandra Smith interviewed Mo Brooks regarding the Senate runoff race in the Alabama primary election.

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Smith channeled her inner “CNN Hack” and called Brooks and anyone who questions the 2020 sham election a “conspiracy theorist.”

Smith used the tired old “Courts couldn’t find any evidence of widespread fraud” song and dance to try to trip up Brooks.

But Mel wasn’t having it. “Time out! Don’t go into that! The courts are not the federal arbiter of who wins federal elections—Congress is! That is required by the United States Constitution!”

The fireworks kept going and then when Mo mentioned the “2000 Mules” movie as evidence of widespread fraud, Smith started a new song and dance, where she attempted to discredit the film.

Sandra claimed the film was “debunked” because Reuters and others “fact-checked” them.



Were Reuters and others counting ballots, checking signatures, and interviewing people to “fact-check”? I’d love to see that report.


Mo had enough with the standard “Deep State” response. “I’m sorry, Sandra, but other people have fact-checked it and find you’re absolutely wrong, Sandra! But keep going with that story.”


Maybe Sandra should look at nearly every poll out there that shows most Americans think the 2020 election was influenced by cheating.

Are we conspiracy theorists, too?

Well, Greg Phillips, one of the “2000 Mules” investigators, saw what happened and was called out Sandra and Fox News in this scathing message:


We don’t have “news” networks anymore. This is all just opinion horsesh*t masquerading as news.

And the way you know this is all a total farce is that no mainstream media outlet has conducted any investigative look into the 2020 election. They just rely on random “fact-checkers” who are all liberal, and sit in a room and don’t investigate anything, they just “decide” what is “fact” and “fiction” based on their own political ideology.

What a dishonest scam. 


This is the same junk Chris Wallace did… so, it’s not “Wallace” that’s the problem… It’s Fox News.


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