Fox News Reporter Stops Everyone in Their Tracks With One Tweet: “Anyone Have Chest Pain After Getting The Booster?”

Fox News Reporter Stops Everyone in Their Tracks With One Tweet: “Anyone Have Chest Pain After Getting The Booster?”

Fox News host John Roberts stopped everyone dead in their tracks with one tweet that asked one very simple, but scary question:


“Question: anyone out there having chest pain after getting the booster..?”

And the responses are so concerning…

Why would all these people lie about what they’re going through, and why are so many of the stories so similar?

Here’s the tweet that John published back on May 18th:

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Here are some of the very disturbing and concerning responses to John’s tweet:

“Yes but after my initial second Pfizer shot. Before boosters. Now I have my numerous neurological issues.”

“I had chest pains after the first shot and was too afraid to get any more shots. I asked my doctor and all she said if I died I would be the first one she knows of.”

“A few months after my second Pfizer shot my heart started bumbling, skipping beats and I’ve had chest pains. I also get very winded when I get up a lot of times. I refuse to get another booster now. I’ve never had heart issues and I’m 51 yrs old, healthy and of normal weight.”

“I’m a FNP in Az. & was ER nurse through all of Covid. Recently had 2 close friends have major complications after the booster. One is a 40yr MD. He had bad shortness of breath, chest pain, and pitting edema in both legs. Turns out he was basically in heart failure 2wks post boost”

“Brother-In-law went to hospital with chest pains after booster, and tech in emergency said seeing lots of men after booster with chest pains. Sister-in-law then phoned my husband and told him DO NOT get booster.”

“My sister in law got the Pfizer three days later couldn’t walk. Now she’s able to get around with a cane. But doctors told her it was 100% the booster. Just a very rare side effect”

“4 of the medical providers in my office did. All ended up needing to see cardiology. Thank goodness, nothing permanent diagnosed on any. This is a real side effect though.”

“Go to the Emergency room bro. My dad wouldn’t listen to me and went and got the shot and had a massive heart attack 12-15 days later. He ended up getting better, and i swear to you as soon as he felt better, he went and got the second shot.”

“My nephew got chest pains and they found numerous blood clots in his lungs, legs, and one in his heart. Get to an ER fast and tell them you had the booster.”

“Still trying to recover from #1 Pfizer last June! Won’t be having any more. Have had a chronic adverse reaction (chest pain, arrhythmia included but also a lot of neurological symptoms). Go and get checked out, but be prepared to be gaslit”

“I experienced chest pains and arrhythmia after the 2nd vaccine which went away after several months and then after I got the booster in December the issues came back within a few days and I’ve been dealing with them since.”

“After second Pfizer shot. Couldn’t walk 20 feet without feeling like I couldn’t breathe. Went to er day 3. Had fluid on my heart, enlarged heart, and was in heart failure. Hospitalized three days.”


Very scary stuff.

I sincerely hope these people, and the thousands of others who commented on that tweet, find peace and healing.

If only people were allowed to freely speak about what was happening to them, without being silenced by social media, and demonized by Democrats, maybe we could have avoided some of this?

Sadly, we’ll never know how things could’ve been…

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