[VIDEO] Harvard Grad Goes Viral For Walking Out On Merrick Garland’s Graduation Speech

[VIDEO] Harvard Grad Goes Viral For Walking Out On Merrick Garland’s Graduation Speech

Ya gotta love a little resistance, right?


We saw it all the time when President Trump was in office, so while he’s taking a break before he comes back, we might as well have some fun, too.

And that’s exactly what a young Harvard Grad did when she got up and walked out of her own graduation ceremony, when Merrick Garland, of all people, spoke.

Her name is Emma Heussner, and she’s the social media director for The Daily Caller, and on Sunday, she took a stand and walked out on Merrick’s commencement speech.

Heussner tweeted out a video of herself leaving and said, “just walked out of Harvard’s graduation because I didn’t want to listen to Merrick Garland talk about himself for 30 minutes,” but she said the parts she heard were “pretty rich.”

Oh, I am sure they were…

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Garland’s commencement speech for the 2020 and 2021 graduates included the events of Jan 6 at the Capitol and questions over the integrity of the 2020 election.

Good grief, can Dems do anything besides politicizing everything under the sun? It’s exhausting.

January 6th, huh?

Gee, Merrick should’ve talked about something Americans actually care about, like soaring gas prices, rising inflation, and the ridiculously high cost of schools like Harvard.

And as far as the sham election goes, Merrick should’ve told the grads to watch “2000 Mules” and make up their own minds.

Emma went viral for her walk-out.


You can watch the video below:

Good for Emma.

I honestly did not know Harvard even allowed free-thinking conservatives to attend their university… I’d think that would be grounds for immediate disqualification.


I guess Emma must’ve slipped through the cracks… Glad she was there to take a stand!

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