James Woods Shares Deeply Personal Financial Loss He’s Suffered, Thanks to Biden “My Heart Bleeds for America”

James Woods Shares Deeply Personal Financial Loss He’s Suffered, Thanks to Biden “My Heart Bleeds for America”

James Woods has been a warrior for the right.


He’s amazing — witty, funny, strong, and full of common sense. He’s always been a huge asset to our side, and it was hard to lose his voice after the 2020 election. James dropped off the political scene, and you can’t blame him.

Many people left politics. 

The 2020 election was a kick in the gut, and everyone processed it differently.

But slowly, he’s been coming back, engaging more in what’s happening, and it’s been wonderful to have his calming voice back.

But what he just said recently, in a very powerful tweet, was quite moving and gut-wrenching.

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James, like all Americans, is dealing with a lot of loss, thanks to Biden and his crummy economy.

In a personal tweet, James admitted that he’s lost twenty percent of his net worth since they installed Joe Biden into the White House.

James knows it’s much tougher for many other Americans out there — but he said that his heart bleeds for America, and he wants to “get her back.”

Amen, James.


Here’s what James Woods said: “As of today I’ve lost twenty percent of my net worth since this administration took office. Others are struggling even more with stratospheric gas prices, general rampant inflation, empty shelves, and catastrophic levels of crime. My heart bleeds for America. Let’s get her back.”

That probably took a lot of guts for James to share that.

But I am happy he did. It’s a good reminder that Joe Biden’s terrible economy doesn’t just impact or hurt the lower middle class. It has far-reaching tentacles that hurt so many Americans, of all backgrounds.


James is right. We need to get her back and send a final message to this radicalized group of Dems that there’s no place in America for their communist-style politics.

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