Many Americans Asking Why The Heck Jill Biden is On Her Way to Romania Right Now…

Many Americans Asking Why The Heck Jill Biden is On Her Way to Romania Right Now…

Many Americans are just finding out that Jill Biden is on her way to Romania, of all places.


When the word came down, people were wondering “what the hell is going on?”

Why on earth is Jill Biden going to Romania?

Here’s her flight info:

Well, turns out Jill is going to spend Mother’s Day with down-trodden women thousands of miles away from home because she can’t find any moms struggling here, apparently…

How about all the American moms who can’t find baby formula to feed their babies, Jill?

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Maybe you could have spent Mother’s Day with them?

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Or the American moms who can no longer afford groceries thanks to your husband’s ineptitude?

Maybe Jill could have spent some time with those moms?

NPR reported that Jill Biden will spend Mother’s Day along the Slovakia-Ukraine border, meeting with Ukrainian mothers and children who fled their country after Russia’s invasion.

Biden will also tour schools that have taken in Ukrainian refugees and meet with U.S. troops stationed along NATO’s eastern flank during a four-day visit to Romania and Slovakia.

The two NATO allies border Ukraine. They have each taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees, and also served as staging grounds for NATO’s military support for Ukraine.

The trip marks Biden’s most high-profile moment yet as first lady – a tenure so far marked by Biden’s groundbreaking decision to keep her full-time job as a community college professor. It’s a classic use of symbolism in the role of first lady, signaling America’s commitment by showing up — and bringing the media attention with her.

Interesting take, NPR… Most Americans look at this trip and wonder why she’s more concerned about suffering thousands of miles away from home, instead of focusing on the suffering here in America.


Here’s what Americans are saying online:

“So, we don’t have enough problems here at home for Jill to focus on?”

“I can’t find baby formula but Brandon’s wife is helping foreign moms.” 

“This must mean every issue and problem in the USA has been solved. Hooray!” 

“Honestly, it’s probably better that she and her husband are as far away from the American people as humanly possible” 

We’ve got inflation soaring, gas prices are out of control, crime is off the charts, poverty in liberal cities is out of control, and our border is a complete and total disaster.

And as I mentioned, countless moms in the USA can’t even get baby formula for their kids, but Jill is gallivanting around Romania.

Typical Dems, right?


America Last…

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