[VIDEO] Jill Biden Should Stop Trying to Speak Spanish

[VIDEO] Jill Biden Should Stop Trying to Speak Spanish

Nurse Jill flew the coop. She left on Wednesday for a tour of Latin America. I am not sure why she’s there, but one thing I can say is that Jill Biden should probably STOP trying to speak Spanish. It never ends well for her.


That’s right Joe’s top Handler will be gone for 6 days on her Latin American tour.

She will stop in Ecuador, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Uh oh, imagine all the trouble Joe will get into without his #1 nursemaid around?

Biden’s daughter, Ashley, was supposed to travel with Jill, but like most vaccinated people, she’s got COVID, so she bailed on the trip.

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While Jill was in Ecuador, she once again tried to speak Spanish, and it didn’t go so well.

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You’ll recall the last time Jill tried to speak Spanish was a total disaster.

Who can forget her screeching mispronouncing SI SE PWADWAY?

In case you forgot, here’s a clip:

Well, the old girl is at it again, only thankfully this time she didn’t screech.

It appears Jill was trying to say “Good Afternoon,” but she missed the mark, and also, the way she said it — so slowly — was pretty insulting.


The folks at RNC Latinos were quick to point it out…

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Who told the First Lady this was a good idea? She has the worst team” 

“Oh good grief, they are desperate to try and get back the Hispanic vote. This won’t do it, lady” 

“LOL what is this? Does talking slower make one understand English better” 

“I kept waiting for her to say “Do you understand? Do you speak English?” Kind of insulting to be spoken to in slow motion.”

“We are in the end times”


Jill, much like her husband, enjoys pretending to be “president.”

And like her husband, she also sucks at this.

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