[VIDEO] Jill Drags Biden Through a Crowd, As Reporters Holler Questions About Baby Formula Shortage

[VIDEO] Jill Drags Biden Through a Crowd, As Reporters Holler Questions About Baby Formula Shortage

Well, another day, another Biden disaster… just the usual stuff with this bowl full of Jell-O who’s pretending to be the “president.”


I swear this entire Joe Biden plot they put together will put the Dem Party back a decade or more. Everyone is tired of having an Alzheimer’s patient as a fake president… especially when his admin’s failed policies and utter foolishness and ineptitude are doing so much damage to the country.

Just look at this baby formula shortage. We might as well be Venezuela right now… and while this is happening Jill Biden is over in Ukraine hugging mothers and Joe Biden is trying his best to send Ukraine another 40 billion.

Meanwhile, I just bought a normal-size package of bacon that was 14-freaking-bucks.

But right now, it’s the baby formula that has everyone worried — I don’t have kids, but I am still really worried for parents out there who are struggling to feed their kids. I see the videos of scared parents and it breaks my heart.

But does Joe Biden care?

You be the judge of that…

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Watch his response — or lack thereof, when a reporter asks him about the baby formula shortage… He says nothing as NURSE JILL drags him through the crowd.

What a complete and utter joke these two clowns are, and how much more insulting can these elitists be towards the American people?

You can watch the video below:


What a total disaster this failed, joke of an admin is.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Full blown dementia and full blown elder abuse” 

“…duh, what shortage??”

“Jill doing her best Julie Andrews’s Maria Von Trapp being dressed in these clothes.”

“Notice how Nurse Jill is dragging him through the crowd LOL” 

“His answer for everything is: Silence. He doesn’t know what’s going on” 


“Walks away muttering: “Glad I’m not the president.”

“80 million votes they say” 

“He doesnt even know were he is…lol”

“Our supposed leader being “led” away again….embarrassing and sad.”


Nurse Jill really had her meat hooks in him.

The last thing the handlers want is Joe Biden talking to the press without a net.

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