Watch: Does This Look Like Joe Biden Catching an Uber at The Airport To You?

Watch: Does This Look Like Joe Biden Catching an Uber at The Airport To You?

There are a couple of videos that are circulating online that have many people really confused.


They show what appears to be Joe Biden, taking an Uber ride at the airport.

I wish I had more context to share with you — I have looked and been hunting to figure out what this video is, but I am not sure.

It is, however, blowing up online, so I wanted to share it with you and let you know what people are saying.

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This is the clip I found on Twitter:

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Many people wondered if this was fake, maybe a “Deep Fake” video.


So, I looked at other platforms, and I found this other video on TikTok.

It looks to be from the same “day” at the airport as well:


Does Biden even still exist!?? #reporter #trump#journalist #Biden #tiktok_usa #usaf#airport

♬ original sound – Journalist

Here’s what people online are saying:

“That ain’t him that’s for sure!”

“I thought maybe it was the double or whatever one calls the lookalike….what in Sam hill?”

“Hair too thick in places and no shuffling… it’s not Joe. What’s going on?”

“This is so so so weird to me, what’s happening?”

“His double. There is no way a POTUS would be allowed to take an Uber or Lyft”

“Can’t be recent, he has too much strength. No way does he have coordination now to fling a bag in the back and swing around to engage with someone”

“Sometime the world feels like a show, not real life.”

“JB double going home for the weekend.”

“Does this explain those times he seemed more lucid than normal”

“This man is too spry to be Brandon.”

“He even sucks as a Porter!”

“a glitch in the simulation” 

“Joe Biden Ubering…destination Gitmo…”

“Fake or real?”

“This has to be a deep fake video???” 

“looks like his body double. He can’t be two places at the same time”

“So, they just let a body double for the prez. just wander around “in costume” like this? 

I will keep looking to see if I can find out what this is.


And when I do, I’ll update this piece.

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