Once Again, Biden Discusses Son Beau’s Death Inappropriately During Buffalo Visit

Once Again, Biden Discusses Son Beau’s Death Inappropriately During Buffalo Visit

As a parent, I actually feel deep empathy for Joe Biden’s loss. I really do. I can’t imagine — and don’t want to imagine — what it was like for him to lose his child, actually TWO of his children.


It’s horrific. 

So, yes, my heart goes out to him in that regard.

But as we also sadly know, Joe Biden has a terrible habit of politicizing his son Beau’s death.

He goes about this politicization in two ways.

In one way, he’ll act as if Beau died during his military service, and paint himself to be a “Goldstar Dad.”

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Beau did not die on the battlefield. He died of cancer at a young age.

Joe will also use Beau’s death as a political shield, or to garner empathy from a crowd.

Either way, whichever method he chooses, it’s inappropriate and he should stop bringing up Beau every time someone dies unless it directly relates to the situation.

For example, today, Joe spoke to grieving families in Buffalo, New York, whose loved ones were slaughtered by a racist mass shooter while they innocently shopped for groceries.

That has NOTHING to do with Beau Biden.



Beau died of Cancer — a horrifying disease, yes, but that painful death process was much different than someone being gunned down at a grocery store because of the color of their skin.

My father died at a young age suddenly from a massive heart attack. I didn’t get to say goodbye. Even still, I would never compare my father’s death to someone gunned down in a grocery store by a racist mass shooter.

It’s inappropriate and weird. 

And it’s also very narcissistic and self-involved.


Here’s what people online had to say:

“As difficult as it was, he had time, special time with Beau before he died. These people had their loved ones ripped away. He should just acknowledge that and leave it there.” 

“If only Joe knew what the victims in Waukesha went through. He completely ignored them and pretended that a black nationalist never drove a SUV into a crowd of white people”

“I’m very annoyed by his remarks. Who hasn’t experienced the death of a loved one? It’s part of life. These were lives lost by gun violence perpetrated by a racist. This should not be happening to anyone.” 

“Joe cannot relate to what those people have gone through, and it’s absurd that he’s trying to make it about himself.” 

“Narcissistic. Makes this about him with a totally unrelated type of loss. Not very empathetic.”

“His loss of his son by disease does not even remotely compare to what these people from Buffalo lost. So clueless and tone-deaf.”

“Most parents would not use the death of their child for political purposes. He does, over and over and over. It’s just wrong. And losing your child after a lengthy illness is not the same as having a loved one senselessly gunned down in the local market.”

“Part of Hunter’s problems are more than likely due to constantly living in the very large shadow of Beau.”

“This was really inappropriate, and yes, I voted for Joe Biden.” 


It’s time for Joe Biden to let Beau rest in peace, and keep his memory alive among friends and family and other loved ones.

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