Watch: Journalist Desperately Tries To Find Somebody on Bourbon Street Who Actually Likes Joe Biden

Watch: Journalist Desperately Tries To Find Somebody on Bourbon Street Who Actually Likes Joe Biden

It’s hard to find anyone who likes Joe Biden.


And you’d think there would be hordes of people that like him, since he supposedly got 81 million LEGAL votes, right? I mean, the math alone would be in his favor… Yet, oddly enough, finding Joe Biden supporters is like tracking down Big Foot in the wild.

Sure, you hear stories these people exist, but you never actually see one.

That’s pretty much the situation that unfolded on Bourbon Street in New Orleans’s French Quarter, where independent journalist and podcaster Fleccas tried to find somebody who actually likes Joe Biden…

Easier said than done.

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Fleecas had such a hard time finding anyone, even Democrats, who liked Joe Biden, that at one point, people were getting mad at HIM, thinking he was “pro-Biden.”

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That’s how much people don’t like Joe, and you can’t blame them. His policies are a mess and he looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home.

My favorite was the young black guy holding his cigarette, calling Trump “The Goat” — The Greatest Of All Time.

Amen, sir.


You can watch the video below (it’s cued up at the same 43:42 mark):

Here’s what people online had to say:

“These must be tourist, nola is a liberal shithole and continually vote for garbage politicians, just look at the mayor, DA, chief of police and the city council. Not one is worth a damn”

“Did anyone see the white dudes arguing “gas pipelines?” Antifa types.”

“He finally found a soy boy that liked him, because he is twisted. 81 million votes though.”

“Only ones defending him was the feminaziwho would rather see her country crumble because of her hatred for Trump and two drunk Tulane losers.”

“Trump won in a landslide. They cheated. Period and end of story” 

At this point does anyone really believe that Joe Biden won 81-million LEGAL votes?


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