Joe Biden and His Handlers Just Woke Up to The Worst News Ever This Morning

Joe Biden and His Handlers Just Woke Up to The Worst News Ever This Morning

This will not be a good morning for Joe Biden or his team.


I’d imagine it’s so bad that his Handlers are pouring whiskey in their coffee, and guzzling it down by the mug full.

So, what happened?

Well, two new polls were just released, and they’re not just “bad” news for Joe… they’re devastating.

Let’s get into it because there’s a lot of information to unpack.

First off, the Reuters poll has Biden’s approval dropping to an all-time low of 36 percent. Now, we all know it’s actually much lower than that, but for this very “liberal-leaning” poll to show an abysmal 36 percent is pretty shocking.

And look at his approval among independents… 28 percent. Yowza.

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New Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden approval dropping to 36% among all Americans and 28% among independents

Now, the next poll is the Harvard/Harris poll — another left-leaning poll, and this is where we get into more detail, and it’s bad, bad, bad news for Joe.

Here we go (my comments are italicized):

NEW Harvard-Harris poll: Only 39% of independents believe that President Biden is “mentally fit” vs 61% who say they “have doubts about his mental fitness”

62% of registered voters say Biden is “showing he is too old to be President” vs 38% who say Biden is “showing he is fit to be President.” 72% of independents say Biden is showing that he is too old and 29% of Democrats say Biden is showing that he is too old

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] LOOK: Biden Took Lessons From Obama On How To Be A “Great Divider”

As I have said all along, the number one problem for Joe and Team Biden is his broken brain. Joe can change his policies and his stance on issues, but he can’t change his brain, and it’s broken beyond repair. That independent number is off the charts. 

Only 23% of Democrats say that if the 2024 primary were today, they vote for Joe Biden to be the Dem nominee for President.

It’s funny to listen to pundits and reporters seriously discuss Joe running again in 2024. It will NEVER happen. 

63% of RV say Biden needs to be more fiscally responsible vs 37% who say he should continue to press for expansion of entitlements 74% support trying to reach a balanced budget

32% of RV say Biden should continue to block the Keystone pipeline vs 68% who say he should allow it 35% say Biden should keep his current energy policies vs 65% who say we need a slower transition from fossil fuels

Biden’s “just buy a $60K electric car” plan isn’t working.

67% of RV say President Biden is too far left on key issues

95% of RV say inflation is a serious issue for the country right now, and a huge plurality of 47% say Biden is to blame for inflation. Only 25% blame Putin.

84% of RV say they think inflation will stay high or go higher while only 16% believe it will “taper off”

73% of RV say that relaxing regulations on oil and gas drilling in the US will bring down inflation and provide relief for Americans… The level of agreement on these inflation questions is shockingly high.

Biden’s “This is all Putin’s fault” plan isn’t working.


If the court rolled back Roe v Wade entirely leaving all abortion laws to the states would you favor or oppose that change? 49% of RV say they would favor that 35% of Dems 65% of GOP 47% of independents

The leak didn’t have the impact Dems were banking on. Womp, womp. 

Which would do the most to curb crime and violence? 48% say Tougher prosecutions and sentencing 31% say revamping mental health system 21% say added gun laws

Huge majority (76%) say the minimum age to purchase a gun should be raised from 18 to 21 58% favor re-imposing assault rifle ban but 52% say improved funding for mental health should be a higher priority than banning assault rifles

35% say we primarily need new gun laws vs 65% who say we primarily need tougher enforcement of existing gun laws

Americans are rightfully concerned about gun violence, and they “get it,” as far as mental health issues go, but Dems are winning on raising the purchasing age and the assault ban. Republicans need to keep hammering away at the real issue of “mental illness.” 

So, there you have it.

That’s what Joe Biden and his team of misfits are waking up to today.


Enjoy YOUR day, because I guarantee you, it’ll be better than Joe’s.

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