[VIDEO] Clip of Biden During Dem Primary Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Guy We See Today

[VIDEO] Clip of Biden During Dem Primary Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Guy We See Today

I saw this video clip of Biden talking about his fossil fuel rhetoric from the campaign days, mostly during the Dem primary, and some 2020 campaigning as well, and I knew I wanted you to see it.


So, it started out that I was going to share this with you to highlight how Joe’s own words about fossil fuels prove why gas prices are soaring. But then I watched the clip, and I was so taken aback by how he looked in the first few seconds, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

So, now I am switching this up a bit, and talking about how Joe Biden literally looks like a wax figure in that first clip, during a Dem debate.

He’s hardly recognizable to the shaky, wrinkly, confused guy we see today.

What a difference a couple of years makes, right?

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In this first clip, pay attention to how TIGHT Joe’s lower face looks, and how countered his cheeks are… If you just look at the bottom portion of his face, it looks like a 35-year-old man’s skin and bone structure.

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Now, I am not one of those people who think the “real Biden” is dead or anything like that. I’m simply shocked at how polar opposite he looks today from just a couple of years ago. From this tight, taut, wrinkle-free face and strong bone structure:

to this:

I mean seriously, what the heck?

If you ask me, he had A LOT of “work” done that has worn off… But holy cow, that’s a shocking change, is it not?

Okay, I got that off my chest…thank you for allowing me to prattle on like that… I was just so shocked by what I saw.


Now, more importantly, please pay attention to the radical fossil fuel rhetoric and Joe’s plan to tank American energy; a plan he broadcasted repeatedly.

What we’re dealing with now is by design.



Let’s face it, Joe might not look like the same person, but he certainly sounds like the same radical guy — maybe even more radical than he was back then.

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