Country Star John Rich’s Tweet Showing Proof We’re Winning This “Spiritual War” Goes Viral

Country Star John Rich’s Tweet Showing Proof We’re Winning This “Spiritual War” Goes Viral

What we’re witnessing right now from the left, and this Roe v Wade situation feels very “biblical” doesn’t it?


We’ve needed to come back to our Christian roots in this country for a really long time bow.

We’ve drifted so far off the right path, and even though we’re so far off course, you can start to see the slight turn happening back to where we need to be, can’t you?

It’s happening because the “Silent Majority” is finally speaking out.

The Silent Majority is speaking out for the children, speaking out against censorship, and speaking out for God, and the left doesn’t know what to do.

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This Roe v Wade leak from SCOTUS is what really put everything over the top… the reaction from the left is nothing short of an exorcism.

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And that’s where country superstar John Rich comes into play. He shared a 7-word tweet that fits this entire situation so perfectly, I just had to share it with you.

Here’s what John said: “The Word of God makes the devil scream.”

Yes. that’s exactly what the left is doing… Screaming out in agony.

Literally and figuratively. 


And speaking of the devil screaming, look at Liz Warren having a banshee meltdown on the steps of the SCOTUS:

And have you seen this demonic meltdown from Ana Kasparian of the radical communist group “The Young Turks”? It’s a doozy.


The communist, Godless left is screeching out in horror.

They’re in a corner, on their knees, screaming, not knowing what to do as their entire kingdom of satanic policies begins to crack and crumble.

It’s just further proof that we’re engaged in spiritual warfare.


It’s good vs evil, and that’s why the left is writhing in so much pain.

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