[VIDEO] Here’s a Short Clip From Dem Primary Debate Where Kamala Looks/Sounds Very Intoxicated

[VIDEO] Here’s a Short Clip From Dem Primary Debate Where Kamala Looks/Sounds Very Intoxicated

I was perusing the internet this morning and something really wild caught my eye.


It’s a clip from the 2019 Dem primary debate, where Kamala Harris is looking and acting like she’s 10 sheets to the wind as she speaks with Joe Biden.

It’s really over the top.

Now, the reason this caught my attention is that over the past year, I have done several pieces on Kamala, where she behaves like she’s drunk.

She gets really, really animated, and loud, which is quite a juxtaposition from her usual cardboard personality.

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And let’s be honest, everyone is wondering why this woman is “belly-laughing” all the dang time, right?

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So, seeing this outrageous clip from the primary, where he is legitimately looking like she just had a liquid lunch with Pelosi, had some “alarms” going off for me.

Could there be some truth to this boozy rumor, and would that explain her bizarre outbursts?


You can watch the video below:

I told you; her behavior was crazy and over the top.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“She flamed out of Presidential race before primaries with 12% approval . Everyone hated her then. Everyone hates her now.”

“She is flapping her elbows again.”

“How has he made it so far in life?”

“Definitely better not to used guns while drunk. Or answer questions on TV, really.”

“That’s a bourbon cackle.” 

“Now we know why she’s always laughing” 

“The worst drunk in the room. What an embarrassment to the world.”

“So embarrassing that this cackling hyena is our Vice President and our POTUS belongs in a Senior Living Center.”

“Hitler is more likeable than Kamala.”

“She’s the most ridiculous VP in the history of the republic.”

That is not normal behavior.


But nothing about this admin is “normal” is it?

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