The Internet Remembers Kamala’s Offensive #MemorialDay Tweet Last Year

The Internet Remembers Kamala’s Offensive #MemorialDay Tweet Last Year

Who can forget last year’s #MemorialDay tweet from Kamala Harris?


It was a real humdinger and had so many people offended that they brought it back up this year, so nobody would forget just how bad it was.

Here’s what Kamala said in her tweet: “Enjoy the long weekend.”

Wow, how profound, Ms. Veep. Thank you…


And then, to make matters even worse, she posted a photo of herself.

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I mean, can you get more tone-deaf than this?

Nothing like forgetting the men and women who sacrificed their lives, by posting about the weekend and a sassy picture of yourself, right?


We are being led by communist buffoons.

Here’s what people said in the past and present about this nightmarish #MemorialDay tweet:

“Remember who our leaders are!”

“Oh my gosh, this is actually a real tweet? I thought it was a joke meme. Holy sh*t” 

“still a legendary Memorial Day Weekend post, for all the wrong reasons” 

“Never forget what this moron said” 

“She’s the absolute worst, and that’s saying A LOT given the company she’s in” 

“The VP of the United States gives her memorial day speech . This b**h is a disgrace and an embarrassment”

“Never forget this disgusting tweet. I’m sure the countless families that have received a folded flag, would like a word, Kamala.”

“Hahahah daily reminder of what we have installed as VP LOL” 

“I thought all the time I saw this floating around on the Internet it was photoshopped… it wasn’t, yikes” 

“Still can’t believe this one. It’s mindboggling to me” 

Yearly reminder- our incompetent @vp made memorial weekend about her”


I wonder if the staffer who actually posted that tweet still has a job?

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