[VIDEO] Hey Joe, Where The Heck Are You Wandering Off To, Big Guy?

[VIDEO] Hey Joe, Where The Heck Are You Wandering Off To, Big Guy?

Where is Joe off to?


Who knows, right? Trust me, Joe definitely doesn’t have a bloody clue.

Today, while Kamala was getting ready to dish up another “word salad” at the White House, Joe just started wandering away…

Yep, he just started shuffling off, like he had a hot date with a bowl of Tapioca.

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Kamala and Joe were at the White House to talk about how their admin is supposedly lowering the cost of high-speed internet for low-income families.

And I guess Joe was done and wanted to go watch cartoons or something.

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Biden caught himself before he got too far away. I’d say he only got in 6 shuffles, maybe?

So it wasn’t too far, but it sure looked awkward and weird… as does most everything involving this dimwitted old kook.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Joe is all turned around again. This man is so out of it, he gets confused if someone doesn’t PUT him somewhere and tell him to STAY” 

“Once again, our basement puppet wondering around lost… and the fact checkers will tell us that this never happened” 

“Grandpa needs his afternoon nap”

“He wanted some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and a blankie” 

“It’s tapioca time” 

“this stumbling bumbling buffoon cant even find where he is…”

“Is that Biden’s nursing home and nurses?”

“Guys, it’s just a childhood stutter LOL” 

“Someone please unleash the 25th amendment now” 


It must be nice to be Joe Biden…

The guy has gotten away with murder his whole political life, and now, he’s pretending to be “president,” screwing everything up, but is too far gone to know it.

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