[VIDEO] Doocy Leaves Biden’s New Press Secretary Muttering And Stammering, Unable to Answer His Question

[VIDEO] Doocy Leaves Biden’s New Press Secretary Muttering And Stammering, Unable to Answer His Question



It was not a good day for Biden’s new conspiracy theorist press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

She ran into a wall called Peter Doocy, and she got pretty beat up, to be honest.

Here’s the problem for Team Biden… Americans don’t care about this “fair share/eat the rich” tax nonsense right now.

Americans want to find baby formula and be able to afford chicken thighs again. It’s that simple.

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They want gas to stop climbing — it’s about to hit 5 bucks a gallon soon, and they want to buy a used car and a house without selling off a limb or two.

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This is ridiculous. 

But the Biden admin has no answers so they don’t want to talk about inflation and baby formula, so instead, they’re trying to make people think they’re fighting for the “working class” guy by doing this “fair share taxes/eat the rich” nonsense.

First off, everyone in the United States is over-taxed… and some rich guy paying more taxes on April 15th will have NOTHING to do with working-class putting gas in their car or parents finding baby formula on the shelves.


And that’s exactly what Peter Doocy cornered Karine on, and my goodness, she didn’t handle it well… at all.

You can watch the video below:

Well, I think it’s fair to say that Karine is no Jen Psaki; one of the best BS’ers and liars in the swamp.


I have a feeling ol’ Karine is going to have a lot of trouble dealing with Peter… should be fun. 🍿

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