[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Was Quite The Snarky Comedian Today, and KJP Was NOT Amused

[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Was Quite The Snarky Comedian Today, and KJP Was NOT Amused

Well, today Peter Doocy was feeling a little snarky and funny… he actually came up with a pretty good joke about the Ministry of Truth, but it didn’t appear like Karine — Biden’s new press secretary — liked it all that much.


My guess is that nobody in the failed, miserable Biden admin is having any fun, or laughing much at all, especially with Biden’s tanking approval ratings.

The reality of the situation is that he’s likely in the mid-to-low 20s by now, and that’s still way too much support if you ask me.

And today the Biden admin took another blow when they were forced to pause their creepy and dystopian “Ministry of Truth,” after tremendous backlash from Americans over the communist-like program, and the nutty lady (who has spread tons of disinformation herself) that would have run it.

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Of course, the left is claiming that the right spread “misinformation” about the department, and that’s why it shut down… these people can never take responsibility for anything they do. Must be nice walking through life, blaming everything and everyone else for all your crappy ideas and failures.

Anyway, when Peter Doocy had his turn at the presser, he had some snarky fun with the “Disinformation board” being shut down by “disinformation.”

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Ha ha ha. 

Here’s the exchange: DOOCY: “The disinformation board is being shutdown because of disinformation? Is that what’s happening here?”

JEAN-PIERRE: “There’s been mischaracterizations by outside forces.”


You can watch the video below:

This woman is in for a hard, rough, and bumpy road… because Peter is just getting warmed up.


And if Peter could rattle Stepford Wife Jen; the ice queen from hell, this poor, easily frazzled lady doesn’t stand a chance.

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