[VIDEO] We Found The Best 23-Second #LockHerUp Clip Ever…Best Part is Trump’s Face LOL

[VIDEO] We Found The Best 23-Second #LockHerUp Clip Ever…Best Part is Trump’s Face LOL

I love it when our talented, patriotic, amazing meme artists get to work.


And trust me, between the Bumbling Biden admin and Crooked Hillary, they’ve been kept really busy lately.

Every time Joe and Kamala open their pie-holes, something insanely awkward, or absurd falls out, so there’s a never-ending supply of material there.

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And, now that the Durham trial is finally heating up and we’re getting some actual “hard evidence” that Hillary was the mastermind, there’s some renewed hope that justice will prevail and Hillary will finally be locked up.

Now, do I think that’ll happen?

Probably not.

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Sadly, our system has been rigged to protect scumbag elites like Hillary and her accused rapist husband…

But, it’s nice to fantasize that she’ll be behind bars one day — and nobody has made that dream look better than famed conservative meme artist Drefanzor with this classic 23-second arrest scene.

It’s got the whole cast of characters and just look at Trump’s face!!

I love this video!


You can watch the video below:

Whenever I see great content like this from our meme artists, I love to share it with you.

It’s nice to break up all the bad news and doom and gloom with some laughs and good cheer.

That’s what separates us from the left…


We’re joyful warriors. They’re miserable demons. 

I’d also encourage you to send a nice note of appreciation to these great patriots or give them a follow. Here’s where you can find Drefanzor… CLICK HERE.

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